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Guy Is Selling Agressive Police Letter After Stealing Berghain Drinks Menu

Remember the guy who was selling the Berghain drinks menu from a few months back? Well, he’s back with a new item for sale, this time a rather aggressive letter written by Berlin police on the selling of that drink menu. It turns out that Berlin, that techno mecca of mystery, has about zero chill after going to police threatening to sue. The seller, in ever casual fashion, simply describes the item like this: “I (allegedly) stole a drinks menu from Berghain to sell it on eBay and someone went to the police to sue. lol So the cops wrote ... Read more

Nevada Police Promise Arrests At Burning Man

With Burning Man rapidly approaching, the Nevada State Sheriff department has issued a disturbing warning to festival goers in the form of an arrest promise. With a new Sheriff in town, the Pershing County authorities are determined to punish “non-violent” crime en masse. In a conversation with the Associated Press, Sheriff Jerry Allen said, “We don’t have the personnel to issue citations to 70,000 naked people on the playa, but we will be upholding the law to the best of our ability.” In previous years, former sheriff Richard Machado was known to employ a hands off approach to the festival, ... Read more

British Police Warn Of Dangerous XTC Pill After Recent Death

British police forces have issued a warning of deadly XTC pill after one 45-year-old English man lost his life recently. Authorities fear the pill has  been shipped into the country by the thousands. Clubbers have been instructed to be vigilant when purchasing party drugs. See also: Six More Hospitalised In UK After Taking Dangerous UPS Pill Britain has been terrorised by bad pills for a longer period of time, but one police insider described the effects of the turquoise pills shaped like a shield as extraordinarily dangerous. The constable stated that: “Tests are being done on the recovered tablets at ... Read more

London Clubbing Institution Fabric Faces Closure Threats

Having been crowned DJ Magazine’s best club in the world twice over its near two decade run, seminal London underground house and techno institution Fabric is now facing the –all-too-familiar- realities of narcotic-blamed closure. Claiming recent incidents involving patrons falling seriously ill, culminating in the MDMA related death of an 18-year-old woman in September, Fabric’s license will go under review at the Islington council later tonight. Should the council vote on revocation; the result would mean an immediate closure of the beloved Farringdon venue. In a rather vague police report, the ambiguous term “immaturity” relating to club patrons as the ... Read more