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Meet Numark’s Portable Scratch Turntable

The PT01 Scratch will be Numark’s latest addition to its turntable line, specifically designed for turntablists on the go. Harness your inner Grandmaster Flash (I’ve been binging Netflix’ The Get Down for a few days now), with this portable deck, complete with internal crossfader and built in speaker system. Aside from those features, the PT01 Scratch also holds the ability to maintain stylus/record contact even when turned upside down or sideways, allowing for street side, on the knee style scratching. The PT01 Scratch runs on 6xD Batteries, allows uploading for audio via USB, and features a “Scratch Switch,” which substitutes ... Read more

Turn Your House Party Up With Your Own Custom Laser Show

Let’s face it, along with the music, production plays a huge role in why we all like this sensory experience we call dance music. From LEDs to screens to strobes and beyond, all elements of the club and festival are meant to work on synergy, creating an experience. Personally, a good laser show has always been a selling point when it comes to A/V. I couldn’t tell you why, but the thin and consistent beam of powerful light cutting through the darkness has always felt like a must have for production. I guess Wicked Lasers feels the same way and ... Read more

Korg’s plugKEY Makes Production On The Go A Breeze

Designed for Producers constantly on the move (at this point, who isn’t), KORG has released plugKEY, a miniature widget plug. Featuring an audio input, MIDI input compatible for any keyboard or controller to use on iOS music applications, and a lightning connector, the widget is an “essentials-only” style device. Roughly the size of an iPhone, simply plug it in to iOS device and synth, and it can be taken anywhere. Designed for iPads and iPhones, plugKEY is the first accessory of it kind to feature all types of connectivity. Also, KORG has developed a handful of compatible (free) apps, specifically ... Read more