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Saent is the Magic Button To Eliminate (Online) Distractions

The former Director of Dance Trippin TV, Tim Metz, has unveiled a crowdfunding project aimed at the easily distracted. Called Saent, is a new hardware/software solution aimed at making its users less distracted while working on computer based projects. Currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, Saent’s hardware comes in the shape of an external button. When pushed, SAENT launches a “focused” work session, blocking any apps or websites that you may find distracting. Each 30, 60, or 90 minute session, blocks apps and websites designated as “unproductive.” A light ring on the device will track your progress during yours focused work session with the indicator ... Read more

DIY Mastering Tool ‘LANDR’ Backed By Hawtin, Pete Tong & more

LANDR, the cloud-based mastering tool that takes away the burden of mastering your tracks – or paying somebody a hundred bucks to do it for you – has picked up a cool 6.2 million in funds from investors like Nas, Warner Music Group and and the Plus Eight Equity Fund (an equity firm owned by the likes of Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Tiga and John Acquaviva). See also: LANDR: a helpful tool for producers The tool is over a year old now and didn’t make that much of an impact on the world of (bedroom) music production. The results were ... Read more

Enrollment Started For Amsterdam Producer Competition ‘Vinylized’

The enrollment phase for the dance music producer’s contest Vinylized has started. Starting today, producers who think they have what it takes to make it big can sign up for the returning event that has now reached its tenth edition. Competition After all submissions are made, the jury will pick five finalists who will then be mixing and mastering their tracks at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. The resulting tracks will be put up online around mid-September on www.vinylized.net. The public can then cast its vote on who they think is the most promising producer of the five. The winner ... Read more

A Day At The Park Podcast #002 By Maximiljan

This week we proudly announce the second podcast in collaboration with A Day At The Park is made by Maximiljan In just a few years Maximiljan has risen through the ranks as a DJ as well as a producer. With releases like “ Bodymovin” and “Ol Dirty” he has been sizzling the clubs, from London to Ibiza, to Berlin and Warsaw. He has gained support from colleagues like Huxley Anja Schneider and Karotte. When not working on solo-projects, he’s collaborating with his long-time partner Tapesh. Together they have made several EP’s. Their last one, “Feelings”, which has just been released contains some pretty ... Read more