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Ableton’s Hugely Overhauled Live 10 Software Is Now Available

With four new devices, a re-designed sound library, workflow-accelerating refinements and more, Ableton’s 10th edition of its music creation and performance platform, LIVE, is now available. Adding a new synth, Wavetable, alongside three new effects – Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal – Ableton brings a broader, bolder palette of sound to Live. Sound libraries will expand with richer, more detailed sounds in its Core Library, while new curated collections and essential instruments show the sounds that keep styles and scenes moving. Naturally, the new edition also brings significant upgrades to both MAX and PUSH, with the former fully integrated and the ... Read more

Nerd Alert: John Frusciante’s Music Studio Is Fiery Hot

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is releasing an electronic EP, a release recorded with a studio packed with enough analog gear to make your head explode. Some may describe his studio as eternal nirvana, others may judge it simply as a pretty solid setup. Regardless, he’s got his shit down, hoarding a list of wacky audio machines, all of which include six MC202s, Roland TR Drum Machines such as the 808, a Juno 106, a large modular synth assembled by his bandmate Chris McDonald, Oberheim OB-X, 3-4 Mixers… I think you get the picture. Just please be sure to place a napkin over your keyboard before ... Read more

Beatport Releases Extensive First-Ever BitTorrent Bundle

Beatport is going pirate and releasing an “unprecedented” free production starter pack via BitTorrent Bundle direct-to-fan publishing. “BitTorrent’s Bundle platform allows us to offer a vast collection of resources in a way that is both free and truly meaningful to anyone looking to get started, while helping our Sounds label providers reach a new audience.” says Clark Warner, Beatport SVP of Artist & Label Relations. The bundle itself will include: More than 1 GB of free sounds, samples, and effects soundpacks from Beatport Sounds provided by over 20 participating labels. Three video tutorials provided by partner FaderPro on production techniques. ... Read more

Native Instruments Gives iOS iMaschine A Powerful Overhaul

Two years ago, Native Instruments launched their iOS production app iMaschine, and now the company has unleashed a massive upgrade to the portable music production software. As the first music production app to take advantage of iPhone 6′ 3D touch technology, iMaschine 2 has evolved from its original’s sketchpad approach to a full on music production tool, allowing users to create entire tracks on their iphones and/ore ipads. One of the most noticeable improvments to the app is the inclusion of “step mode”, which switches pad grip mode to step sequencer (something handy for small screen devices). Also, iMaschine 2 ... Read more

Kadenze Is The Free Music Education Platform We Need

Kadenze is an online platform looking to provide free music technology courses for free. At its core, Kadenze “provides a rich community experience full of discussion and collaboration, where students from all over the world can inspire one another to learn and grow together”. The capabilities of the platform allow students to: – Watch lectures by way of videos, animations, demonstrations, and interviews – Learn at your own pace, through optimized mobile platforms. – Showcase your work through professional portfolio building – Discuss lessons and coursework through community forums. As you can see, Kadenze essentially serves as a two-fold platform. ... Read more

Make Music In Your Browser With Google Chrome Midi

As apps move further and further into the cloud, Google sees it as the next frontier for music production. With the latest Google Chrome update, MIDI support is now offered through the browser.  This update will allow anyone with a MIDI controller, to turn a website into a virtual instrument.  The update allows Google Chrome to scan for a MIDI device connected to a user’s computer and use that information to playback notes on a web-based synth. If you want to try out the feature now, then Web Audio MIDI Synthesizer (loosely based on the Moog Prodigy) is a good place to start. Find ... Read more

Teenage Engineering Makes Portable Production An Inexpensive Reality

Sweden’s Teenage Engineering, the company best known for its popular and versatile OP-1 synthesizer, has recently unveiled a new line of three new synths dubbed Pocket Operator. To the contrary of their popular yet pricey OP-1 ($849), these tiny, easily transportable instruments will only cost 69 Euro, easily making them a production steal. Made in conjunction with cult clothing designer Cheap Monday (who offer an array of customisable accessories for the device) Each of the three Pocket Operator models literally leaves little to the imagination, with components and circuit board exposed. The PO-12 drum machine, PO-14 bass synth, and PO-16 lead-synth all feature ... Read more

Definitive guide to the top free VST’s of 2014

Can there be too many VST’s? Maybe, but there sure aren’t too many that are totally free of charge and high quality. Luckily, bedroomproducersblog.com have gathered the best of 2014 to one handy guide. Just in time for 2015, an almost all-encompassing list of the best of free VST’s of 2014 emerged on the social networks. Originally put together by bedroomproducersblog.com. the list goes through 40 VSTs, which are free to download and ready for some serious dabbling. Nicely categorised into effects, instruments, guitar amps, and utilites/MIDI, this list ought to provide any bedroom producer a nice set of new stuff to try out, ... Read more