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Premiere: Jimi Jules – It’s Me, Music Feat. Anouk & Jesaya (Original Mix)

Zurich based DJ Jimi Jules exemplifies his Caribbean roots with soulful undertones in his new release “It’s Me, Music”. Having been raised upon a musical background, Jimi Jules has an exciting album release ahead of him. Furthering his youth involvement with his magnificent ability to play both the trumpet and a bass tuba, Jules decided to cut out any logistical problems and turn his focus to electronic music. It has come as no surprise that Jimi’s musical efforts have been recognised and accredited all over Europe. Jules successfully managed to top Beatport for over two weeks with his beloved acquaintance ... Read more

Mix #109 By Jimi Jules

Zurich based DJ and producer Jimi Jules is one of the most promising upcoming artists within the international underground dance music scene. Together with his partner in crime Oliver $, this groovy multi-instrumentalist recently shook up the scene with his smash-hit ‘Pushing On’, occupying the beatport number one spot for over two weeks. Their tune emanated centrifugally, inducing shaky legs from the centre of Europe to the beaches of Miami and the shores of Japan. But let’s be clear: Jimi Jules ain’t no one hit wonder! Descended from a tribe of Caribbean voodoo-sorcerers and a Central Swiss farmer and musician’s ... Read more