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Would You Vote For An Artist On RA If They Gave You Free Drugs?

Trading free drugs for votes. Is this the new strategy artists are employing to get their rapid fanbases to engage in annual popularity contests? It should be noted that, as of publishing time, the tweets have been deleted, Instagram account suspended, as well as explaining himself* but Hotflush‘s Scuba has still ruffled a few feathers since posting the original image (see our featured one) of a handful of lines on an iPad with the RA Poll landing page clearly visible. In a series of social media posts that celebrate his 12 week XOYO residency, as well as his (potential) RA Poll placement, ... Read more

Top 5 Vote Requests For The RA ‘Best DJ’ Poll

Last week the Resident Advisor voting polls opened up for the people’s opinion on who is the Best DJ and Live Act of 2013. Since its initiation back in 2006 the RA list of the creme de la creme in the scene has grown both in reverence and controversy, spawning more inflammable discussions on the ranking each year. No wonder that artists are promoting themselves on social media, trying to get a lead on the competition by encouraging people to cast their vote. A vote for them, preferably. Although most DJs keep it simple and humble, some choose to get a ... Read more