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How We Lost Our Sense Of Time In This Polish Forest

Rays of light break through the thick forestation as a stream gently runs through the undergrowth. As a bird shoots from one branch to the next, the forest feels empty and deserted. It feels almost perfectly tranquil. But there is a sound in the distance disturbing that tranquillity.  A faint thump pounding in a rhythmic fashion. As we follow the light coming through the tree canopies, another shape slowly starts to materialize. The shape grows bigger the more we approach the exit of the thicket, and as we get closer, so does the sound get louder. The forest opens up ... Read more

Have You Heard Of: The US RAVE Act?

On top of Capitol Hill in Washington DC, sits a massive pile of legislations still yet to be approved, one of which is the RAVE Act or “Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act,” introduced to the United States House of Representatives in 2002. With such a perplex and badass acronym, no other politician than Senator Joe Biden could come up with this. The RAVE Act’s primary objective was, as Biden explicated, to reduce Americans’ vulnerability to ecstasy through a vague and non-official checklist that deems any nightclub establishments that offers good’s such as glow sticks, lollipops, pacifiers or overpriced water to ... Read more

The Gabber. or How Rotterdam Gave Birth to An Underground Style

Once, not long ago, existed a short-lived and favored underground music scene known as Gabber, it is pronounced rubber but with the Dutch’s signature throat scratching ‘G’ gulping the ‘R.’ They lived the moment, danced till the sunrise, had no care about shower and limits on drug induced highs. Despite their flat out retarded dance routines and beats reaching nonsensical 220 BPMs, making your head explode, it leaves me with a melancholic impression of an young-lived trend, which somehow, started living again. See also: Gabber, Part 2… Don’t judge before you’ve tried it Gabber origins can be traced to when the ... Read more

Preview: All We Want Festival 2016

To those who have never raved at AWW, we’d like to provide you our insight on the festival’s experience. Upon arrival, you’ll enter a small, cosy town blazoned with relaxing vibes and 1969 Woodstock nostalgia. The spacious park allows ravers to chill, dance, and enlighten their inner-social-butterfly, while the beautiful surroundings invite everyone to soak up a holiday feeling. As for the stages – each one has its own comfort and aesthetic. At one moment you may feel like a modern-day raver version of St. Francis of Assisi, partying alongside a 12th century monastery, while another moment you’ll be shuffling the sand between your toes inside of what seems to be Wilbur’s Barn. At night, sand footsie in the barn is still ... Read more

Emerging Markets: Malta

Resting dormant within the faults of the Mediterranean nightlife circuit is the greatly untapped market of Malta. If you’re in the midst of booking flights to the next rave oasis or looking for a haven to resurrect your dreams as an aspiring artist – you might want to lock yourself in. With its’ unique locality, culture and growing connection to the international community, Malta is becoming a hotspot for wind surfers, music professionals, artists, world-class Scuba instructors, culturally-enthused explorers, and beach ravers alike. The country’s airport has even recently earned the title of ‘most scenic airport approach.’ Comprised as a ... Read more

Australians Say Goodbye To Beloved KFC With Deep Fried Farewell Rave

“The shittiest KFC in the Perth metropolitan area,” shut down last Friday night and in celebration staged a celebratory send off rave in the restaurants parking lot. Thrown by local crew Get Weird, who stated a Facebook event with the sad but true statement that, “Eventually every independently operated fried chicken franchise must come to an end and, sadly, the North Perth KFC is no exception.” Naturally, the news went viral (as it should) and over 1000 people RSVP’d (the “venue” was only capable of holding around 40) originally forcing the rave to be cancelled but, as heroes do, the ... Read more

Sunday Viewing: A Trip Through 1997s Melbourne Rave Underground

Submitted for your Sunday Viewing pleasure comes 1998’s, ‘Neurodancer,’ a short documentary that takes a look at rave culture that exploded in Australia, specifically in Melbourne, over the 1990s. This quite comprehensive and well rounded documentary follows many figures of the day, from artists to administrators, and covers raves both big and small.  With a throbbing soundtrack made up of Hardware Records and Sonic Animation, this 30 minute glimpse into Australia’s raving past veers through the docks of Melbourne and into its dingy warehouses where lights, dancers, DJs, and decorations provided (most of) the stimulation to make it an all ... Read more

Your Weekend Life-Saver: The Rave Shake

Photo credits: Cleo Campert Here’s a way to keep you dancing like Michael Jackson at your next rave or festival: The Rave Shake – a medicinally focused recipe that will keep you healthy and in line – so you won’t appear the all too familiar shivering zombie halfway into the party. By now, the usage of club drugs amongst partygoers comes as no surprise anymore. In which case, there’s been a greater focus on developing harm reduction programs that take preventative measures to reduce substance abuse amongst a population, rather than enforcing and policing to reduce abuse. In which case, we thought it might be interesting to ... Read more

This New Food Truck Looks To Serve Its Food With A Side Of Beats

Gourmet Food + Music + “Rave” Gear + Wheels. It seems like the perfect combination, now a group of friends have combined their love of food and beats with a new Kickstarter project guaranteed to satisfy. Called Electric Dance Munchies (aka “EDM”…get it?) and conceptualised as a traveling food truck, set up with a “state of the art” speaker system, the roving kitchen will also see the musical stylings of one “DJ Fazi Snaxxx” dropping the beats on his Ableton 9 and Launchpad. But…and there’s more…customers aren’t only going to line up for the latest in tasty treats (more on ... Read more

Enter The Colourful World Of The (Pre-EDM) USA Underground

Recently available in the UK, though being published in the US in 2014, ‘Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave’, takes a look at the American underground dance scene, pre-EDM invasion. By looking at the rave movements in the 1990s and early 200s, the picture of a scene steeped in the underground, stuffed animals, candy bracelets, and UFO pants galore. DJs like Christopher Lawrence, Donald Glaude, and Richie Hawtin are seen (take it from me, as a child of the East Coast rave scene of the late 90s ALL these figures, including the likes of Josh Wink, ... Read more

Instagram Sensation Baddie Winkle (87) Loves Wearing Raver Clothes

Instagram has recently earned its latest and probably oldest super star in the form of the 1.5 mln follower account of Helen van Winkle, aka Baddie Winkle. The 87-year old woman has become an internet sensation for wearing the type of hipster clothes and raver outfits mostly worn by a generation 70 years younger than hers.  See also: They Call Me ‘Grandma Techno’ “I don’t like ‘old women’ clothes. I never wore them in my life.” Winkle created her badass alter ego – who doesn’t shy away from wearing marijuana printed T’s or seemingly smoking weed on her Instagram photos – to ... Read more

Staff Caught Taking XTC On The Job At Australian Nightclub

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the amount of drug-excess stories coming in from Australia. The Imperial Hotel in Erskineville, Australia, was forced to temporarily close by the police this weekend after it was found that staff of the nightclub, situated in the hotel, were taking XTC on the job. “The police raided the hotel on Saturday night and charged two staff members with taking XTC while serving drinks to guests” On Friday, The Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing carried out a targeted operation last weekend after the Imperial Hotel’s nightclub, ‘The Spice Cellar’, had been reported ... Read more

Raver Loses Finger At Party, Decides To Keep On Dancing Afterwards

During an illegal rave in Croydon, UK, one of the attendees lost his finger due to unfortunate circumstances. But instead of immediately calling an ambulance, he decided to keep on raving because the party was just too good to leave from. The rave, which was held last Saturday, attracted thousands of enthusiasts that were in for a wild party. The event did not go down well at all, claiming the life of a 15-year old  and leaving many people injured. The abandoned Royal Mail depot in east-Croydon where the rave was held is currently under investigation as an official crime ... Read more