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Gabber, Part 2… Don’t judge before you’ve tried it

Last week with my article “The Gabber. or How Rotterdam Gave Birth to An Underground Style” I went on a quest to reintroduce, and maybe slightly poke at the so-thought dead, Gabber culture. The teasing tone of the publication gained an immediate wide-range of comments. Most had a good chuckle or two, but for others this article came off as inhospitable. Then is when I understood that I misunderstood the Gabbers. Eventually instead of defending ourselves, we decided to take things into our hands. So I reached out to our commentators on the article Facebook post, asking them to share their personal stories. Three of them I went into an in-depth conversations. Dennis, a ... Read more

Hilarious Leaked Document Reveals How Cops Profiled US Ravers

Ok, I’ll admit this story is a but US centric, but who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of police buffoonery. A 2001 document from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) entitled “The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs,” offers an unprecedented glimpse into the (clueless) nature of authority, highlighting a retired detectives 10 years of “going to raves”. In the document, such hard hitting topics as when do ravers put on their outfits and what sports drinks they prefer, not to mention an interesting introduction to rave culture and definitions of key terms, are looked at. he real meat of the document, ... Read more

Instagram Sensation Baddie Winkle (87) Loves Wearing Raver Clothes

Instagram has recently earned its latest and probably oldest super star in the form of the 1.5 mln follower account of Helen van Winkle, aka Baddie Winkle. The 87-year old woman has become an internet sensation for wearing the type of hipster clothes and raver outfits mostly worn by a generation 70 years younger than hers.  See also: They Call Me ‘Grandma Techno’ “I don’t like ‘old women’ clothes. I never wore them in my life.” Winkle created her badass alter ego – who doesn’t shy away from wearing marijuana printed T’s or seemingly smoking weed on her Instagram photos – to ... Read more