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Musician Goes Door To Door To Sell His New Record

Now here’s a way for artists to be truly indie. Not signed to a record label nor to a distributor and let alone to a press agency, starting Irish artist Daniel Anderson decided to take matters into his own hand. His plan is as simple as it is effective: he pressed his new record ‘Patterns’ privately to sell them door to door, starting in his own neighbourhood. Talking about grassroots.. This being the 21st century, Anderson was insightful enough to document his record-selling endeavour and release the video on the web, titled ‘Door To Door Sales Will Save The Music Industry’. The video is picking up ... Read more

Record Label In A Box: All You Need To Start A Label In One Package

Even though there are now more labels than ever in the dance music industry, it’s also the best moment to start your own with the current boom in dance culture. But how exactly do you start a record label? Because there’s a lot of planning, paper work and infrastructure that comes into the equation when you’re planning to open up your own imprint, right? Well, the people at Ditto Music asked that same question and then found a solution to the hassle of starting your own record company: the Record Label In A Box. It features everything you need to start ... Read more

Exploited Is Launching A New Sublabel And It Sounds Fresh

The German house label Exploited, which is known for great releases and great parties alike, has announced the realease of a new sublabel, according to Mixmag. With Exploited being already known for bringing forward acts like Claptone, Adana Twins and Doctor Dru, the new sublabel, Exploited Ghetto, will focus even more on new talent. Exploited, the magnificent label from Berlin, can surely be called one of the leading labels of contemporary house music. With a string of excellent releases during the past few years, the label is now branching out into Exploited Ghetto. The new sublabel will focus on bringing new acts into ... Read more