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World’s First Magnetic Levitating Record Player is On It’s Way

For spinning records on zero Gravity might soon become not only a dream of a Star Trek fan. This Slovenian Kickstarter is about to reach 500 thousand dollars for their First Magnetic Levitating Record Player project. MAG-LEV is a turntable whose platter magnetically floats in the air during playback. Just one month ago a Slovenian developer started their campaign to fund $300.000 for developing this idea and the goal was quickly reached.  ‘We believe that how you listen to music is sometimes just as important as what you listen to.’ Well we do too, and, to be honest, if not beautifully designed these turntables ... Read more

The 10 Commandments: How (NOT) To Treat Your Vinyl

There’s no way around it: the vinyl resurgence is in full effect. And, for the most part, that is a great development. More and more people are now trying their hands on old school records as a means of playing music, understanding that nothing beats the touch and feel of laying down a slab of vinyl, or flicking through crates in dusty record shops Those that are new to the dynamics of record players and the vulnerability of vinyl itself do good to know about the basics of how to handle your records, and specifically what not to do with them. Strictly following these ten commandments below will make sure that ... Read more

Vintage Photographs Of Hollywood Starlets And Their Turntables

The turntable (originally, the gramophone) has been around since 1877. With such an extensive history as a source of entertainment, musical instrument, and design accessory, it is without a doubt the machine has had some very high profile fans over the years. Here, we have come across a handful of photos, some dating back to 1925, of some of the finest and most legendary starlettes the world has seen, posing with their beloved record players and turntables. From Rita Hayworth to Billie Holiday to Marlene Dietrich and beyond, we see that the turntable has truly always been en vogue. Enjoy ... Read more

Record Store Vs IKEA: On a Quest to Create the Best Turntable Station

A record store owner from Brooklyn has created an all-thought-through turntable station that received generous support on Kickstarter. As the store owners say, the idea came up while struggling to find a piece of furniture worth to recommend [worth recommending] to put the turntables of the customer’s of their record store. We all know the typical laminated multiple box piece from IKEA, that can be found in the majority of houses of music fans. Others settle with a custom made, but often way more expensive piece of furniture or come up with their own creative solution; the options in the market ... Read more

Video: Man Turns Tortilla Into Record

There seems to be an endless stream of imaginative, sometimes ingenious music carrier applications. Just recently we saw this incredible looking record player, a paper midi controller, and a solar-powered speaker neatly built inside a trash bin. We can add a new one to the list, as a man who has probably watched this funny video of a tortilla spinning on a turntable, thought to himself that he could probably do a lot better in turning food into music. So he actually laser-cut a tortilla, the technology that essentially transports musical data on vinyl, and turned it into a working ... Read more