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World’s First Magnetic Levitating Record Player is On It’s Way

For spinning records on zero Gravity might soon become not only a dream of a Star Trek fan. This Slovenian Kickstarter is about to reach 500 thousand dollars for their First Magnetic Levitating Record Player project. MAG-LEV is a turntable whose platter magnetically floats in the air during playback. Just one month ago a Slovenian developer started their campaign to fund $300.000 for developing this idea and the goal was quickly reached.  ‘We believe that how you listen to music is sometimes just as important as what you listen to.’ Well we do too, and, to be honest, if not beautifully designed these turntables ... Read more

Dutch Company Produces Environmentally Friendly Vinyl

World may learn a few things from the Netherlands, when it comes to environmentalism. From choosing bikes as the main choice of transport to vinyl production. Thus here is where one producer in Harm, the south of Netherlands, came to the rescue with his environmentally friendly vinyl production process. Little did we know how harmful to the environment were our vinyl collections… While the usual production process includes using PVC materials. Now these are pretty scary. Considering they are one of todays most commonly used plastics, as Greenpeace reports, their production involves some of the most hazardous synthetic toxic chemicals, including a host of additives to ... Read more

Record Label In A Box: All You Need To Start A Label In One Package

Even though there are now more labels than ever in the dance music industry, it’s also the best moment to start your own with the current boom in dance culture. But how exactly do you start a record label? Because there’s a lot of planning, paper work and infrastructure that comes into the equation when you’re planning to open up your own imprint, right? Well, the people at Ditto Music asked that same question and then found a solution to the hassle of starting your own record company: the Record Label In A Box. It features everything you need to start ... Read more

Company Presses Records Holding Ashes Of Your Loved Ones

No this not a weird joke. But ‘And Vinyly’, a UK-based company, does have pretty morbid business model: pressing actual vinyl records that holds the ashes of your loved on. “Live on from beyond the groove” And Vinyly’s home page says the company offers “the chance to press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations.” Clients can press records from the ashes of “people, pets and parts”. Although we’re not sure what they mean with ‘parts’ here, it’s evident that And Vinyly takes its job seriously and have come up with a range of ... Read more

Video: Man Turns Tortilla Into Record

There seems to be an endless stream of imaginative, sometimes ingenious music carrier applications. Just recently we saw this incredible looking record player, a paper midi controller, and a solar-powered speaker neatly built inside a trash bin. We can add a new one to the list, as a man who has probably watched this funny video of a tortilla spinning on a turntable, thought to himself that he could probably do a lot better in turning food into music. So he actually laser-cut a tortilla, the technology that essentially transports musical data on vinyl, and turned it into a working ... Read more