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After Instant Release Alongside HOSH, Tim Engelhardt Returns To fryhide

After an Instant release alongside label found HOSH, fryhide welcomes back Tim Engelhardt with a new EP, “Catharsis. On the two tracker, the youngster presents his trademark sound: colorful, unique melodies paired with high resolution in sound that animate for a dive into detail and finesse. “Catharsis” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Website Soundcloud Label Page

Tone Depth Delivers ‘Beirut’ As Latest fryhide Instant

Tone Depth returns to contribute the 5th part of fryhide‘s successful INSTANT series. ‘Beirut’ is one strong track, no bullshit. On the guitar the man himself jamming down a solo on an edgy and unique track and setting things on fire. “Beirut” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Website Soundcloud Label Page

1979’s “Once I Saw The Sky” Kicks Off fryhide August

The latest signing of fryhide goes by the name of 1979. The title track shines with a touchy melody and the beauty of its simplicity. The soundtrack of a pure and intimate summer experience. Whereas the second track just feels like a big piece of (Space) Cake. “Once I Saw The Sky” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Label Soundcloud Label Page

Montreal’s Groj Returns To fryhide With Mesmerizing Second EP

Groj returns with his second EP on fryhide. His very unique cutting edge productions that balance between raw beats and emotional, mesmerizing melodies make it a very special release again. “To Know You” is an anthem for bigger stages and one of HOSH´s highlights in his sets throughout the last months. “To Know You” is NOW AVAILABLE of fryhide BUY Soundcloud Artist Page

HOSH & Tim Engelhardt Deliver Latest Instant fryhide Release

With “Blinded” fryhide introduces the third part of the successful INSTANT series. A collaboration by HOSH & Tim Engelhardt. It´s a deep melodic journey with a theme that you don´t hear every day. The fundamental techno base makes sure it works at any time in night and day. “Blinded” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide PRE ORDER fryhide fryhide Page

Simao Brings About Latest fryhide EP With Kaleidoscopic 4 Track Package

Simao, fryhide‘s, London-based Portugese delivers his stunning new EP for HOSH‘s imprint. The “Submarine EP” features 4 cuts that continue in the fashion of his signature trademark sound; driving, fluent rhythms paired with emotive and hypnotic themes for a visionary and kaleidoscopic feel. “Submarine” EP is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Soundcloud Artist Page

HOSH Delivers First 2018 Release On Own fryhide Imprint

Label head HOSH is back with his first release of 2018 on fryhide. Its title track “On The Radar” is a hypnotic siren that keeps you in the loop with twists and turns from begin to end. The, on the B-side, HOSH shows his deeper and spiritual side with “417”…based on 417 hz, the universal frequency. On this one, each Oscillator is tuned manually to work the bigger picture. “On The Radar” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Soundcloud Artist Page

fryhide Taps Groj For 10th Release

Once in a while you find an artist thats far from the norm and anything else you heard before but so good and intimate that it instantly grabs you. As so with fryhide‘s latest signing. Montreal based Singer and Songwriter Groj delivers the 10th release on HOSH‘s fryhide imprint. It’s Dance but it certainly offers another emotional dimension to it. Groj adds: “The music came very fluently, I felt i explored boundaries and set a new standard for myself.” We can definitely agree to that. HOSH himself offers a more floor pleasing version of the title track. “The Crossing” is NOW AVAILABLE ... Read more

fryhide Follow Up Success Of Artbat’s ‘Tabu’ With Surprise INSTANT Release TODAY

After Artbat – ‘Tabu’ now comes INSTANT 002 on HOSH’s fryhide imprint. This time coming from Tone Depth & Flowers and Sea Creatures; Nothing much else to add. “YOU” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Soundcloud Label Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/fryhide/fhins002″ comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

HOSH’s fryhide Imprint Taps Tone Depth For Fourth Release

HOSH’s new fryhide label continues to impress with its next EP, a fantastic four track offering from Canada based Tone Depth. Tone Depth is Tony Papadopoulos. He is an artist that’s been long around and is very well respected. A true master in the studio and booth. In 2017 Tony impressively manages to completely reinvent his sound. It´s un-compromised and probably the best version of Tone Depth there has been to date. An expressive, authentic and emotional release. “The Odyssey Part 1” is NOW AVAILABLE on fryhide BUY Soundcloud Label Page

Interview + Exclusive Track Stream: Livio & Roby

Celebrating 10 years at the forefront of Romania’s robust techno scene, Livio & Roby have recently unveiled a mysterious new album project. Connecting with audiences via via highly influential outlets such as Desolat, Vakant, Cecille, VIVa, Saved and Fumakilla, Livio & Roby’s dynamic DJ sets, innovative live performances, album projects, and constant flow of cutting edge productions remain one of their nation’s leading lights in the field. For those who may not be familiar, Romania’s spirit is evident in all aspects of the duo’s music; from tribal rhythms to penetrate the psyche, to organic instrumentation meant for the spirit, ultimately ... Read more

Weval To Release Debut Album On Kompakt This Summer

Weval, the Dutch duo consisting of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers, have been putting out a steady stream of releases since their 2013 debut EP “Half Age”. Since then, the boys have been snapped up by the famed German imprint Kompakt, who brought their next two EPs tot he world, and universal acclaim. Now, the natural next step in the young Weval story is almost ready for launch, in the form of a debut LP. Also released by Kompakt, the self-titled album reportedly continues the dark-tinted electronic pop sound Weval have become synonymous with, with Kompakt themselves describing it ... Read more