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Premiere: David Mayer & Floyd Lavine - Sondela (Original Mix)

Having previously released on the connected label as individuals, David Mayer & Floyd Lavine now do so together with their collaborative EP, “Sondela”. David Mayer previously appeared on connected with a remix of ‘Lust’ as well as his solo “Drained” EP, while South Africa’s Lavine appeared through remixing ‘L.D.O.E.’ after other outings on Dogmatik, Rise and Upon.You. “Sondela” EP is available 11 May on connected

Premiere: Pablo Fierro - Baobab (Original Mix)

Pablo Fierro is a producer, musician, DJ, born and raised in the Canary Islands. The founder of Vida Records, his music is defined as tropical, electromagnetic and powerful and featured on top labels such like Defected Records, Atjazz Record Company, Kingstreet and G-Rex, as well as in films from some of the most recognized directors of Spanish Cinematography such as Bigas Luna. Now, with his “Timanfaya EP”, Pablo’s amazing production skills bring three tribal, driving tropical/ Afrohouse tracks, each fitting in time for the open air festival and beach club season. “Timanfaya EP” is available 4 May on Compost Black ... Read more

Video Premiere: Hyenah - You Made Me Who I Am (Original Mix)

Off RISE​ ​MUSIC‘s​ second release, after the successful debut “Masala EP”, Hyenah delivered two stunning original tracks. The package’s A-side was ‘You​ ​Made​ ​Me​ ​Who​ ​I​ ​Am’​ – an epic, strings driven House tune that builds and until it unfolds its entire beauty in a magical and epic breakdown. Now, shot over one day in Khayelitsha in South Africa during Hyenah’s last South African tour, we present the exclusive video premiere of ‘You​ ​Made​ ​Me​ ​Who​ ​I​ ​Am’. “The Ritual EP” is NOW AVAILABLE on RISE Music BUY

Premiere: Floyd Lavine - Masala (Pablo Fierro Remix)

Coming off Rise Music, the platform the platform to define and showcase new African House Music, is Floyd Lavine and his “Masala” EP. Here, alongside David Mayer on the package, Floyd enlists Pablo Fierro on remix duties for the releases title track. Pablo Fierro has been featured on DHA before, and is known as an electronic music artist who’s work is tropical, electromagnetic, and powerful. He is the founder of Vida Records and has also been featured on the likes of Warner Music, Defected Records, Atjazz Record Company, Kingstreet and G-Rex. “Masala” is available 16 June on Rise Music