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DHA x The Boom Room Present: Valhalla Festival Podcast #003 by Alle Farben

With Valhalla Festival closing in on us, it’s time to set the mood right with the second edition of the dedicated mix series. This time around, the grooves are hand picked and freshly mixed by the mighty German, Alle Farben. Having released his debut long play Synesthesia in May, Alle Farben has become known as a friend of the collision between organic and electronic. The infectious cookings of Frans Zimmer have caused waves in the underground scene, as well as proved to feature quite a bit of cross-over potential. Continuing on from where Joris Delacroix left off in the first ... Read more

Valhalla Festival Podcast #001 By Joris Delacroix

For our first Valhalla Festival special we give you monsieur Joris Delacroix, who has cooked up a grand podcast that hovers somewhere in between melodic techno and deep house, led by heavy bass lines and gloomy atmospheres. The circus by night is back in town. Valhalla Festival will open its doors for their 2014 edition on the 20th of December. After two sold-out editions their bizarre ride will again feature a line-up that is well-stacked in both the house and techno department, as well as other genres. This time the winter extravaganza will have seven ares and all kinds of ... Read more

Kaleidoscope Is Back For Another Round With Deep House-Flavoured Line-Up

As dance music and the contemporary deep house sound progressed over the past couple of years, Utrecht too rose to the expectations of the clubbing scene in Holland. In the right terms and a set vision to exploit, Kaleidoscope brought a fine example to the city of Utrecht. This edition of Kaleidoscope again finds its way onto the immense forecourt that is Central Studios. Located near the city center. In layman’s terms, the event sees two dissimilar rooms, prompting eminent artists both home-grown and international. For their second round, the organizers promise a high allure of music intertwining perfectly with a ... Read more