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Roland to Renew Its Groovebox Line With Two New Successors to the MC-808

More than a decade after the release of its last groovebox, industry leader Roland revives its MC line with not one but two new models—the MC-707 and the MC-101. The all-in-one production boxes are set for commercial release at a later date this month. Stand-alone Production Box in Two Sizes The Roland MC-707 will feature “everything you need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer” according to the company’s website. The company promises a “fun and friendly” device that offers customizability and quality performance. One of the great advantages of the MC-707 is that it ... Read more

[Interview] Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan has lived many different guises so far; DJ, remixer, label founder, club promoter, radio host, and each with great success. Keen to keep moving forward, what, one might wonder, allows Alkan to remain such a vital figure in contemporary music, both in the DJ booth, in the studio and beyond. “We each have to find our own way inside of the demands we place upon ourselves, so I can’t really advise much apart from to trust your instinct (again), and if you feel you can’t give enough of yourself to something, then reassess.” Great to speak to you ... Read more

What Happens When 30 People Live Jam On A 10.000-Year-Old Hill Overlooking Oslo

10.000BC, a small, winding path leading up the Ekeberg is being travelled by hunters & gatherers. Fast forward a rough 12.000 years and this same road now leads up an extra 115m of elevation and is now being travelled by festival revellers who follow the luring soundwaves of Oslo’s only electronic music festival; Sommerøya. Situated on the side of the Ekeberg, overlooking Oslo with seemingly endless sunsets accompanying its diverse line-up of local and international artists. Boutique Festival Sommerøya is comparatively small. It has 2 stages close to each other. One main stage, and one with the focus on the ... Read more

Roland Presents It’s New Digital Instrument For Playing Winds

Roland, the creator company of the iconic Roland 909 introduces a new digital instrument of winds. The new Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a company’s new digital creation that fuses a traditional saxophone fingering system with a library of onboard acoustic and synth sounds, plus an acoustic horn breath sensor. The Aerophone allows the performer to use additional acoustic instrument sounds including clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, and violin. Even ethnic instruments like shakuhachi and erhu are on board, and all offer authentic pitch and tonal fluctuations that echo their acoustic counterparts. The instrument comes with a selection of the latest synth sounds, ... Read more

Is Roland Set To Re Release The TR-909?

A celebration of the studio favorite Roland TR-909 is scheduled to go down next month. Promising the offer of “new and inspiring electronic instruments,” Roland is set to release a slew of new instruments with rumors of a possible 909 re release coming some 33 years after its original production. In fact, the techno favorite TR-909 technically hasn’t been on the market since 1985. (Not so) Arguably one of the industry’s seminal instruments, the TR-909 can fetch high prices via the second hand market, and with Roland actively bringing many of its classics back in the form of a “boutique ... Read more

The io808 Is A Roland 808 For Your Browser

Hours of fun right here, as Roland’s TR-808 is now available in browser version. There are a few 808 browser apps around, as we have reported here, but according to Electronic Beats this one is the “definitive browser-based version,” created by Programmer Vincent Riemer. So, what are you waiting for? Go waste some time..NOW! Oh, there’s also a 909. Find the io808 HERE  

Classic Soviet Era Polivok Synth To Be Reissued

The Polivok was the Soviet Union’s favorite synthesizer and now the company behind its production then has lifted the veil on its impending reboot. Of course the completely hand made synth will be limited, with only 100 being made, but with 85% original Soviet components, Polivok promises the same kind of space age sounds the original made famous. Obviously, there will be some updates to the item as three decades passed tends to do. Now, it will also feature MIDI connectivity and a handy cyrlic translation on its underside. A staple of Soviet chic, the Polivok was the USSR’s answer ... Read more

New Interactive Rare Synth Museum To Open In Melbourne

A Melbourne not-for profit organization, Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MEES), will soon open, providing one-on-one experience with a slew of vintage synthesizers, which is being described as an interactive synth museum. Conceived and operated by artists Robin Fox (perhaps best known for  laser-orientated A/V) and Byron J Scullin (a prominent mixing and mastering technician) out of their North Melbourne studio, the duo claims they have “one of the most unique, eclectic and historically significant collections of electronic instruments in the world,” with a slew of vintage and rare Roland, Korg, EMS, Moog, Yamaha as well as super rare pieces like the Transaudio LaTrobe (3 were made, 2 reside ... Read more

HTML-909 Lets You Play A Roland 909 In Your Web Browser

We already brough to your attention the browser drum machine app, and the 303 Acid Machine, but you can play around with the real Roland 909 sound – well, sort of. Web app developer Teemu Kallio has released drum machine html inspired solely on the iconic Roland 909. What else is there to say? Start playing now!

Meet RE-303: The Exact Replica Of The Original Acid Sound

Oh yes, the day is about to come that producers no longer have to consider lesser versions of the original acid sound in their studio set up, because there is a machine underway that is not a TB-303 clone, but an exact replica.  Synthopia reported that synth company Din Sync has finished the prototype of a RE-303 bass synthesizer which comes so close to the real sound of the legendary acid machine that it’s no longer a clone but “accurate enough to be considered a replica.” The big difference with the popular 303 clones like the Cyclone TT-303, is that the ... Read more

Jeff Mills Unveils Complete ADE ‘Time Tunnel’ Details

Inspired by the American science fiction TV show “The Time Tunnel“, created by Irwin Allen in the 60’s, Detroit Techno music producer/DJ and conceptualist Jeff Mills has created a live sound, visual and dance music event series designed to pull the dancing audience back and forth in time through a simulated visual Time Machine to explore the past, present and future of Music. “Time Tunnel” is a visual, sound and performative odyssey based on a scientific approach – as yesterday’s music is analyzed in the aim of submitting its future possibilities. ” The Time Tunnel concept is based on music ... Read more

Roland Re-Introduces System-100 As Plug-Out Synth

Amidst the stream of rebranded classic Roland instruments, the hardware producer announced yesterday that the iconic semi-modular synthesizer System-100 will be reissued as a digital plug-out synth. The latest installment will feature patching possibilities to allow users to dig deep into the instrument’s capabilities.  The System-100 reissue is designed to accompany Roland’s highly successful AIRA line, like the TR-8, the cheaper digital alternative to the famed 808 and 909 drum machines, and the TB-3 bass line synthesizer which is the 21st century answer to the TB-303 acid machine. Released in 1975, the System-100 hosted multiple components like a synthesizer, expander, mixer, sequencer and speakers. The ... Read more

Make Beats With This Browser Drum Machine App

Because office hours can be spent much more wisely than actually working, the good people at Irritant Creative have constructed an in-browser drum machine called xOx that makes it possible to actually lay down a beat consisting of all the right instruments to make a simple, but catchy beat. Find your perfect drum, snare, tom, and hi-hats sound, lay down the rhythm and with all the different oscillators, cutoffs and other options that are tweakable you’ll be stuck to your screen for at least a few hours. See also: In-Browser Acid Machine Start making your beat here. Source: Createdigitalmusic.com

Acid House Pioneer Charanjit Singh Dies At 74

Widely considered to have produced the first acid house track back in 1982, Indian electronic music pioneer Charanjit Singh passed away over the weekend. He was 74 years old. With a career that mostly centred on Bollywood soundtracks of the 1960’s and 1970s, Singh’s proto-acid approach to production had been enjoying a recent revival.  Though reluctant to claim his role in the evolution of the electronic music genre, Singh nevertheless was one of the earliest champions of such acid staples as the Roland TR-808 drum machine, Jupiter 8 keyboard, and the TB 303 bass synth. His 1982 album “Ten Ragas ... Read more

Analogue Lego Machine Creates Driving House Beats

Much like acid, two of the world’s great inventions, house music and lego, have combined to blow your mind. A full on Lego acid music machine, dubbed Play House, is what programmer and artist Alex Allmont has made using Lego Technic to create an incredibly complex analogue kinetic sculpture that plays minimal house music. Play House is a desk-sized installation that produces sounds using complex interconnecting systems. In it, melodies are generated by a dropped basketball that ends in one out of the four slots, after colliding with various pegs down its route. The melodies are based on a sequencer that emulates a ... Read more