Tag: Salon des Amateurs

DHA Mix #400 By Christian S.

Christian S is one who mixes the past, present, and future of Dance Music. Honing his craft since the mid-90s, Christian’s DJ travels have taken him all over the world, from Europe to Mexico City, Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires, and beyond where strange music and off-the-beaten-path parties – reflecting by his own rare, Cologne-based underground parties, as well as his appearances at Düsseldorf’s, Salon Des Amateurs. As a Producer, Christian S’ productions have been injected intriguing rhythms into the underground with remixes of Little Dragon, JMII and Colder, as well as original singles on Cómeme. Keep an eye out for his next release, ... Read more

DHA Mix #342 By Charlotte Bendiks

Charlotte Bendiks is a northern ambassador of distant intimacy through music and art. A DJ, a producer, and a positive thinker, she spent the last years exploring music, people, life and places with deep, dark, and psychedelic music. From her hometown of Tromsø, Norway, Charlotte has run her own club series, shaped Insomnia Festival, released on Love OD, Comeme, Monica Enterprise and Cymawax, developed a long lasting love affair with Dusselforf’s Salon des Amateurs, while travelling around the globe from Buenos Aires’ to Hanoi, Montevideo, Marseille, and Berlin. Here, the artist Matias Aguayo describes as “[Charlie is] a spaced out ... Read more