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Converse Rubber Tracks Launches DAW Plug-In and iPhone App

Converse Rubber Tracks recently launched a Live Sampler plug-in together with production software company Ableton, making their samples easily accessible and easily incorporated into Ableton Live. There’s also an additional iPhone app, which does not only mean you can integrate your phone with your sample library, but also that your samples are now available virtually everywhere. The library has tapped into the musical developments of the last decade, removing the necessity to invest millions of dollars to make proper music. With enough creativity and know-how, everyone can make a quality record from their bedrooms now. Equipment and samples are the ... Read more

European Space Agency Release Multiple Intergalactic Audio Samples

Licensed under (various) Creative Commons IGO licences, the European Space Agency has uploaded a slew of intergalactic samples on their Soundcloud page. From the consistent hum of a passing comet to the crunch of the Philae probe landing on one, from muddled mission vocals to “alien” radar blips, many of these samples are production ready, offering opportunities to producers working within the realms of everything from acid house to industrial style warehouse bangers. For good measure, NASA has also released a similar collection via their own Soundcloud page leading us to believe that the integration of intergalactic audio may be the next frontier of ... Read more