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Documentary on UK’s Ambient House Pioneers The Orb To Premiere in London

1988 in London was very different from the Socialist Republic of Lithuania, where I saw the daylight that same year. However, everywhere in the world freedom was heavily breaking into the skulls of young people. And just as induced by the music of Pink Floyd, youth to the east of the Iron Curtain was fighting communist oppression with Rock music, youth to the West was breaking boundaries along all forms of art, fashion, self expression and especially music. 1988 in London was also the year electronic music saw the birth of ambient house music pioneers The Orb (highly inspired by Pink Floyd too). Lunar Orbit is a documentary that gives a rear view to the origins, digs into the story behind the ... Read more

Converse Rubber Tracks Launches DAW Plug-In and iPhone App

Converse Rubber Tracks recently launched a Live Sampler plug-in together with production software company Ableton, making their samples easily accessible and easily incorporated into Ableton Live. There’s also an additional iPhone app, which does not only mean you can integrate your phone with your sample library, but also that your samples are now available virtually everywhere. The library has tapped into the musical developments of the last decade, removing the necessity to invest millions of dollars to make proper music. With enough creativity and know-how, everyone can make a quality record from their bedrooms now. Equipment and samples are the ... Read more

Learn The Art of Sampling, 80’s Style [VIDEO]

Before copyright laws targeting the practice of sampling, it was free and open practice which laid the foundations of hip hop and all genres that emerged, including house and electronic. Digging deep into the archives, we came across a short documentary from 1988 produced for Australian TV, which features the likes of Cold Cut, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Beastie Boys, and Ice T discussing the practice. In this balanced documentary, both the pros and cons of sampling are addressed, as well as much in depth insight into its birth and early philosophy. So, give the beow video a watch and remember ... Read more