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Interview: Atish

Atish occupies a rare space in dance music. In an age of oversized DJ egos there is still an artist who is devoted to connecting with his audience, a humble soul with a pure passion for music and philanthropy. His success comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Atish DJ live or listened to one of his mixes. With a combination of sophistication and accessibility, his sets are expressive journeys in melodic deep house that create lasting emotional experiences for the listener. One of these mixes is the very special “Cup of Hope”, coming courtesy of Schirmchendrink, Volunteers ... Read more

Interview: Mark Farina

As one of the most ubiquitous DJs in Dance Music, Mark Farina is known for both his unique style of mixing Jazz, Downtempo and House Music as well as being the creator of Mushroom Jazz: West Coast jazzy, organic productions combined with East Coast Hip-Hop, Urban beats. Drawing from his vibrant youth, Mark found his passion for the luscious world of vinyl, turntables and nightclubs. At 16, he began his career at Chicago’s Medusa’s while joining forces with emerging DJs Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka. See also: Pacha Festival Podcast #001 by Mark Farina Farina relocated to San Francisco in ... Read more

DHA Mix #226 By Worthy

With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing, and performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his audience, cultivating intense positive energy on the dance floor. In 2001 Worthy swapped New York for San Francisco where he teamed up with Claude VonStroke and Justin and Christian Martin, becoming one of the four founding fathers of the DIRTYBIRD party. In 2007, his breakout track, ‘Irst Te’, quickly established his notoriety as a producer, which has paid homage to classic house while make booties shake around the world for over a decade now. See also: Dirtybird Campout Drops Second Phase And We’re ... Read more

Lane 8 Bans Cellphones At Upcoming Performances

Anjnuadeep’s Lane 8 has made good on his promise to make his fans live in the moement and has banned the use of cellphones at his upcoming performances. The initiative, entitled “This Never Happened” recently launched in San Francisco and seemed to go off quite nicely, with fans leaving their devices at home or, easier yet, in their pockets. Lane 8 took to his Facebook (which you can read in its entirity below) to thank fans and deam the night a success. See also: Mix #204 By Lane 8 Obviously, no phones on the dancefloor has been quite a hot ... Read more

Dance Tonight: The All-In-One Event App for Electronic Music

Big news today as Dance Tonight, the all-in-one event app for electronic dance music has been launched across all major US and EU markets for both iOS and Android. The app is set to provide music fans, clubbers and festival goers with the most comprehensive dance music event guide in a single, easy to use interface with a focus on three main categories: Underground, Indie Electronic and EDM. The app tends to provide an easy solution for all possible situations: whether you are sorting last minute plans, plan a big night out with friends or just want to be up to ... Read more

Interview: Justin Martin

Feeding off the energy of the San Francisco underground, Justin Martin was intrinsically involved with developing the unique sound of Dirtybird Records. As a remixer of classics like Radiohead’s ‘Nude’ and Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Mushrooms,’ curator of a 2010 essential mix, and DJ who has graced the decks of the world’s best clubs and festivals – Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Space (Ibiza) and festivals shows such as Glastonbury, Spring Festival, Hideout and Eastern Electrics – Justin Martin has achieved a soaring amount of success as a Producer and DJ. In 2016, Justin Martin will look to the skies with “Hello ... Read more

Phone Free Dancefloors May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Should the dancefloor be a phone free zone? It is a question that is distinct to the 21st Century era of nightclubbing. In the era of uber connectivity, it seems as if the glistening screens of the mobile are as ubiquitous to modern life as branding, conflict, and anxiety. Undoubtedly necessary, yet unequivocally prevalent, the mobile surely is the love/hate item of our time. With that, as well as the aforementioned realities of current life, sanctuaries of release such as the dancefloor, concert hall, or the Broadway stage have had a particularly volatile relationship with the device as, one one ... Read more

Full Premiere: Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – Mistreated (Original Mix)

  “Have you ever been mistreated by someone you love?” asks a clean smooth Afro-American voice in this uplifting, feel-good tune ‘Mistreated’, to which we are going to give a pedestal this Friday afternoon in our Premier section, besides totally grooving to it’s jazzy harmonica tunes at the moment of writing. One of the men behind it, is the author of an eye flashing, bright-coloured, incredibly angled real life stills, which his Instagram profile is filled with. In the dance music industry, he is recognized by the name Mark Farina. I could not go on but mention, since this already ... Read more

Crowdfunding Started To Stop Burning Man Attendees Returning To Bay Area

With less than 3 weeks left until the annual bohemian pilgrimage to the Nevada desert that is Burning Man, one San Francsico man has proposed crowdfunding a 300 mile wall around the technology capital with the aim of keeping the returning Bay Area privileged from returning. By creating Megagogo, an obvious play on Indiegogo, the comedic creative agency Culitivated Wit wants to create a, “funding platform for large-scale infrastructure”. The agency’s co-founder, Brian Janosch explains that the week between August 30 – September 7 is the only time that San Franciscoans don’t have to hear about Burning Man. With that in mind, Janosch explains that, “It was an obvious conclusion…to try ... Read more

Mix #147 By Jimmy B

Little more than a year ago we spotted Jimmy B during his after hours gig at Sisyphos Berlin. The San Francisco-based DJ/promoter had the crowd under his thumb for over four hours with his immaculate set where he spun one obscure record after the other, coalescing dimensions and eras of dance music into a whole. So naturally he’s a very welcome addition as the latest artist featured in the mixtape series. Jimmy B grew up in the 80s in Northern California in the middle of the cultural melting pot of the San Francisco Bay Area. Ethnically mixed himself, with Dutch- ... Read more