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Get A First Look At The New Roland TR-8S With Saytek (Cubism, Superfreq)

Is there a piece of equipment out there that’s had as much of an impact on modern music as Roland’s classic TR-808 drum machine? Or do you think other Roland units like the 303 or the 909 deserve the top spot? Whatever you think, spend a couple of hours listening to the latest hip-hop from the states or club sounds anywhere in Europe and you can’t miss the 808’s signature boom. The original module ceased production in 1983 and will set you back upwards of £3,000 on eBay or similar, although digitised samples have been available for decades. It wasn’t ... Read more

Free Download: HearThuG feat. Stee Downes – Every Day’s Another Night (Ben Gomori’s Gone Astray Remix)

It’s free download time! This remix almost got lost into the sands of time after Stranjjur label went suddenly out of business. Luckily for us all, we managed to get it out into the open thanks to Ben Gomori. A mix of New York vibes and basslines with a certain acid-like ring to them, Ben’s remix of the track is a great addition to the cavalcade of remixes of this song. Ben Gomori is a multi-talent within the music industry. He’s active in production, DJing, and also radio. On top of that, he’s known for curating the Monologues podcast and hosts his own Turned ... Read more