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Return To “Hell’s Club”, The Club Your Favorite Characters Go To Chill

After last year’s super trippy, and even more super-edited youtube video, the infamous Hell’s Club mashup is back, this time welcoming even more of your favorite fictional characters. Deemed as “a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time. Outside of all logic.”, Hell’s Club Part Two: Another Night sees the likes of Groot, Scarface, Howard the Duck, The Terminator, The Leprechaun, Steven Seagal, Snake Pliskin, James Dean, 3 different James Bonds, Freddy Krueger, that guy from Ghost, Titanic era Leo & Kate, RoboCop, and many, many more, getting down to the electro funk sounds of Daft Punk in ... Read more

GTA Nostalgia: The Best Dance/Disco Radio In Vice City

A small test for you guys: try to think back on how much time you spent on homework in high school as opposed to the amount of hours you spent playing one of the games in the GTA franchise. If there wasn’t a heavy deviation favouring the latter, than you should take pride in being one of the exceptions who could resist the addictive workings of the most successful gaming seres to have ever existed. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, however, then go ahead and buy yourself an old PS2, because you’ve been missing out. Big time.  ... Read more