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The Birthplace of House Gets The Dutch Royal Treatment

It seems like House music, or electronic music in general, flows through the blood of the Dutch. A few weeks ago, we talked about Louis van Gaal only allowing House music in the Manchester United locker room. Today, it is the king showing his passion for House. Yesterday, the city of Chicago had a couple of rather important visitors. Willem-Alexander and Maxima where invited to the birthplace of House by the Amsterdam based School of House to talk about the industry. The emphasis was, of course, on one of the Netherlands premiere export hits: House music. During the dinner the king said, ... Read more

“School Of House” Welcomes Students Desiring Career In Dance Industry

School starts on the 8th of March. Not any school, but the School of House. A new educational platform for the dance industry. It might be just the right thing for you if you’re interested in working with events, artists or music. The classes cover everything in these areas from music programming to DJ performance and artist booking. The general idea behind the School of House is to offer a private education in-house and guest collaborations with renowned institutions such as Hogeschool Amsterdam, Fontys and ROC.  The program consist of both theory and practice. Students learn about management issues as well as creative ... Read more