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“Edible Sounds” Project Launches Record Made From Tortilla

DJ producer Matthew Herbert has launched a new release series called “Edible Sounds”. The records live up to their title, as in you can actually eat them. And the first food-based vinyl in the series is… a tortilla. The music on the tortilla record is laser-etched onto the surface of the popular food. “It should be playable on a normal hifi, but [is] unlikely to be delicious,” Herbert writes on Twitter. The tortilla records are been produced in a batch of twelve, and are created on commission from the Science Gallery London. Edible Sounds isn’t Herbert’s first try at unconventional musical realisation, having previously made music from “a ... Read more

Science Has Officially Defined “Good” And “Bad” Male Dancing

The question of what constitutes “good” male dancing is age old. We’ve all been to enough weddings, christmas parties, or proms to know that the definition of “good” is surely in the eye of the beholder. With that, evolutionary biology researchers at Northumbria University have attempted an empirical look at the phenomenon known as male dancing, with a study entitled “Male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye”, whose results have been released. By attached a series of reflective markers, which would ultimately create a genderless humanoid digital avatar, on 30 males (aged 18-35) for 30 seconds, researchers asked the ... Read more

Give Your Fetus The Marathon Set Of Its Life(?!) With Babypod Sound System

Conceived by the Institut Marquès, a Spanish gynecology clinic, has developed Babypod, a device meant to transmit unmuddled sound directly in utero. Built around a study which demonstrated that developing fetuses are able to react to sound at the 16 week mark, Babypod is meant to induce a response of vocal movements, stimulating mother and child connection in a more clear and concise way than with the more traditional abdominal headphones. Practically, Babypod is a speaker, which can be inserted into the vagina via tampons, which can be connected to a smartphone. Scientifically, Institut Marquès claims that the Babypod “stimulates ... Read more

Magic Mushrooms Are Also A Powerful Brain Rebuilder, Study Shows

Psilocybin mushrooms have enjoyed a long and storied history with usage dating back to the very origins of mankind. In fact, in certain theoretical circles, the psilocybin mushroom is hypothesized as being the deciding factor of the evolution process between man and ape. As an object of recreational use, magic mushrooms have been opening minds and broadening perspectives for quite some time as well. Its chemical structure has been used to treat an array of disorders from anxiety to depression. Now, a new study shows that the psilocybin mushroom may, in fact, hold an even greater medical use: the regeneration ... Read more

Why You Can’t Get That Damn Song Out Of Your Head

Has this ever happened to you?  It’s Friday night and you’re at the hottest underground spot in [insert city name here].  Hot Since 82 is in the booth and, to no one’s surprise, killing it with one bomb after another. Then suddenly, BAM, he drops it, “Bigger Than Prince”.  This is one you know; the bass, the chorus.  It’s all so familiar.   Flash forward, later that week and you’re in the car, in traffic, going to work.  In between sips of coffee and cigarette drags, a note pops into your head, then a bassline, then “Walk around….“.  You think ... Read more