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Sennheiser Updates Its Mythical Orpheus HE90 Headphones

Designed 25 years ago, Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90 is something of a mythical entity amongst audiophiles. With 300 originally produced, and coming in at a hefty €16,000 price tag (which included personal valve amp), the HE90’s decadent presentation and crystal clear sound made it a product ripe for resissue. Well now, and a decade in the making, Seenheiser has unveiled its updated version of the HE90 and it is something of a wonder. Coming in at a cool €50,000, the 2015 version builds on the originals electrostatic design while delivering a new signal processor, marble-clad design, and motorized housing unit. Though ... Read more

Sennheiser Creates Weirdest Ad Ever (And It’s Funny As Hell)

After seeing the latest Sennheiser commercial, we’re seriously wondering what the headphone-giant’s initial reaction was to the video that the advertising agency (McKinney) came up with. Were they even taken it seriously? Well seriousness is something that you have to leave out of your verdict here, as it is about as severe as a Monty Python sketch after smoking half an ounce of Amsterdam’s finest. We present you: the most absurd commercial of the year.