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Interview: Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler has made a lasting contribution to house music. For more than two decades the New Jersey born producer and DJ has been producing deep house sounds on international major labels and revered underground outlets alike. After early teenage years spent interning at various New York studios, learning the ropes and beginning to produce for rap & r&b artists, gleaning all he could from being surrounded by the likes of Kool & The Gang. His first official production back in 1991 was enough for Atlantic to sign up the young producer, and since then he has built up a ... Read more

A Crash Course On DJ Poses

Every DJ tries to have their own moves and mannerisms behind the decks. Some big stars have used the same typical pose in front of millions of people for a long period of time, making them common knowledge.  When I say Armin van Buuren, you will most likely recall his “T” stance, with arms raised sideways at shoulder length, bumping away to some trance build-up. There’s a whole range of well-known DJ stances, actions and manoeuvres. You can see some of the most popular DJ poses below. The Txter The kind of body language preferred by moody grime DJs trying to look ... Read more