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SFX Rumored To Let Off Majority Of Dutch Brands Including ID&T

The ongoing debacle that is SFX has finally had its consequences reach Dutch shores. After the sales of music platform Beatport and ticketing service Flavorus, it seems like Dutch dance music mega promoters ID&T, QDance, and B2S are next on the auction (or sales) block. Though rumoured to be a relatively “painless” change of hands, unlike the companies North American ventures, details remian sketchy as to the exact restruscturing and terms of the proceedings. This all comes via Dutch media magazine Quote, whose anonymous sources also haven’t provided much insight outside of the already mentioned news. All this comes as ... Read more

Interview: Danny Daze

Just like other DJs, he got his fist DJ set when he was 13, just like other DJs, he played all possible dance music styles within the spectre, just like other DJs, he refuses to define his sound within the brackets, but there is a lot to Daniel Gomez, a.k.a. Danny Daze, that makes himself and his sound just not like any other DJ. If you want to hear a true story worth a Hollywood script in dance music scene, then hear this out. Born and raised in Miami, a kid of Cuban immigrants with many talents and a passion for ... Read more

SFX Entertainment Files For Bankruptcy

It has finally happened. As we predicted last month, SFX has filed for bankruptcy. The dance music colossus is bust, even though it received $20 million in funding in mid-January. In the end, it turns out, the financial struggles, created mainly by a string of expensive takeovers and a crash of its stock price, the holding has coped with in the last year were irreversible. There are some silver linings to be found, however. Globenewswire reports that SFX has will undergo a Restructuring Support and Forbearance Agreement including a commitment from the ad hoc group to provide up to $115 million ... Read more

Dutch Beatport Announced, Customised For Local Artists And Public

Beatport, the dominant digital music supplier in electronic music, today announced it is launching a country-specific version of its music service in The Netherlands, which is completely customised for the local interests of Dutch DJs, artists, and fans. While Beatport is available in more than 220 countries across the globe, this is the first time both the product and content has focused on a specific one. This includes not only translating the entire site into Dutch, but also featuring locally relevant artists, music, news, and more across all Beatport properties, curated and operated by the Beatport team based in Amsterdam. ... Read more

SFX Considers Filing For Bankruptcy

Just yesterday we published our thoughts on what the biggest stories of 2016 were gonna be, and the end of dance music company SFX was one of them. Not even a day later, the final curtain for the event behemoth appears to come a lot sooner than expected. Because in a new report, SFX has now revealed that it may actually be filing for bankruptcy. See also: This is what’s happening in Dance Music in the year 2016 It is not a secret that 2015 had been an extremely bad year for SFX, the mother company of dance music’s commercial pillars such as Beatport and React. ... Read more

The 10 Biggest Surprises, Scandals, And Moments Of Dance Music 2015

This is one of those end of year lists that may not conveniently fit in any singular category. The following ten events, in our opinion, highlighted this year in dance music, each representing a different aspect of what we hope to provide you: a broad spectrum of what underground dance music culture is, what it symbolizes, and what it is capable of. From micro to macro, local to global, our list is not a real ranking of sorts (yes, it is numbered…a formality really, aside from the overwhelming importance of the top spot). From the lifting of antiquated laws to the stimulation ... Read more

Beatport Introduces ‘Free Streaming Service’ In 2015

According to a source of the The Wall Street Journal, online dance music retailer Beatport will introduce a free-of-charge streaming service. The creation of Robert F.X. Sillerman’s/SFX Entertainment, Beatport sole focus has been the selling of dance music downloads for the past decade, with DJs as its key market. In 2015, however “a free, ad-supported music streaming service” will be initiated. WSJ draws an immediate link to the extensive acquisitions of events and festival by SFX Entertainment: “a community center for dance-music fans, showcasing event information, artist profiles and, potentially, live-streamed performances […] The site is likely to incorporate SFX’s ... Read more