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Premiere: KlangKuenstler – Rise Against The Arp (Original Mix)

Berlin based DJ and producer KlangKuenstler premieres subtle techno vibes in his new release ‘Rise Against The Arp’. An inquisitive nature is often the first stepping stone in which most producers set off on. It usually begins within the first few experiences of attending a club night and identifying the magic within the underground scene and the pleasure and unique experience it brings. For Berlin based producer KlangKuenstler it was exactly this. It was the influence of Munich’s Harry Klein that made this young DJ so determined to make it onto the scene himself. After a lot of drive and ... Read more

Interview: Franky Rizardo

Franky Rizardo, one of Holland’s finest young electronic music exports, continues to push himself as a DJ with a distinctive style that works across stages and clubs, big and small. A prolific producers, with releases on the likes of Defected, Saved!, Simma Black, and, of course, his own LTF Records, Franky is also the purveyor of his FLOW concept; one that continues to develop into a recognisable icon in the house music landscape, emerging from its humble beginnings via Slam.FM. Anticipating this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Franky will bring FLOW back to AIR alon with Mat.Joe, Secondcity, Benny Rodrigues, ... Read more