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The 10 Commandments: How (NOT) To Treat Your Vinyl

There’s no way around it: the vinyl resurgence is in full effect. And, for the most part, that is a great development. More and more people are now trying their hands on old school records as a means of playing music, understanding that nothing beats the touch and feel of laying down a slab of vinyl, or flicking through crates in dusty record shops Those that are new to the dynamics of record players and the vulnerability of vinyl itself do good to know about the basics of how to handle your records, and specifically what not to do with them. Strictly following these ten commandments below will make sure that ... Read more

Numark Rolls Out An Affordable, Technics Inspired New Turntable

With a platter, layout and S-shaped tonearm nearly identical in design to those of the no-longer-in-production Technics SL1200, Numark has unveiled their latest turntable, the TT250USB. Described as a “top-flight” piece of gear by the company, it’s affordable €279,00 (suggested) price tag will not pain the wallet as much as a vintage Technics or the, similar styled, Pioneer PLX-1000. According to Numark, the TT250USB’s quartz-controlled motor delivers virtually perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its high-torque motor and heavy cast-aluminum platter provide the ideal amount of resistance and feel for scratching effects. “This is the ideal turntable for demanding turntablists,” said Numark Marketing Manager, Karl ... Read more

Flattening Warped Records Now Possible For Technics 1200 Owners

It’s a known problem to vinyl collectors across the world, warped records. Those not yet introduced to the phenomenon: a warped record is what happens to delicate vinyl after years of use and abuse and improper storage, making a record crooked rather than flat which renders it virtually impossible to listen to. The problem was already partly solved with the invention of an outer periphery record clamp made for modern turntables. It was not possible though to use it on the world’s most popular turntables, the Technics 1200 series, due to its size. That has now been changed though. After ... Read more