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DHA Mix #374 By Desert Sound Colony

Occupying a space somewhere between ‘60s Psychedelia and the pulsating sounds of future-clubs, Desert Sound Colony is both infectious and ethereal, shrouding the listener in a gentle, rhythmical canopy. Debuting on Scissors & Thread and since releasing on the likes of Holding Hands and Fayer, recently his “Lose My Rhythm” landed as the 5th release on London’s Snap, Crackle & Pop. “Lose My Rhythm” is NOW AVAILABLE on Snap, Crackle & Pop BUY

Premiere: Uncanny Valley - Popcorn (Original Mix)

Inspired by the early industrial pioneers, dead crooners and the unrelenting speed of change, Uncanny Valley combine homemade metallic resonators, pound-shop contact mics and sellotape synthesisers, with human error for unusual effect. Here, debuting on Snap Crackle & Pop, the London quartet bring three original songs, of which we premiere ‘Popcorn,’ between post-punk gloom and DIY techno. “Chain Store” is available 15 December on Snap, Crackle & Pop PRE ORDER

Premiere: Curses - Another View (Original Mix)

London based club night and newly formed label Snap Crackle & Pop’s third release comes in the form of a dark take on new wave influenced techno from Berlin based New Yorker Curses. Here,‘Another View,‘ which playfully tips its hat to early electro, albeit through a visor of cold wave inspired guitars. ‘Together In The Dark’ delves into even darker territories with ice cold organs reaching for the light through the grinding ambient yet groovy undertones. “Another View” is available 11 September on Snap, Crackle & Pop