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Judge a DJ on their music, not their equipment

Technological developments have forever changed the craft of DJing, moving the focus for many away from physical mixing to using software to play music. The rise of digital DJ programs, alongside the move away from vinyl as an essential piece of equipment, has given more budding DJs the opportunity to follow their passion. It is much easier to download a software program rather than acquire decks and vinyl, which has enabled many DJs to carve out a career that would have been inaccessible even a decade ago. This change has inevitably sparked a range of opinions. One particularly strong opinion came ... Read more

What Instagram Habits Say About Your Taste In Music

Instagram Music has teamed up with media ratings agency Nielsen to produce the first ever report on the musical tastes of its users. Obviously, the bottom line here is just that…the bottom line, to find out how much users spend on music, events, and marketing, but insight into how users ingest there music and how much time they spend capturing events via the platform, were also looked into. It turns out that 42% on Instagram users are more apt to purchasing music than non users (the same number who say that attending a live event is vital in determining themselves ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Tensnake

We had a nice sit down with Tensnake upon his gig at Straf_werk Festival on Saturday the 23th of August. The disco enthusiast with a love for the more funky side of house music, will close the main stage amongst other big names like Jamie Jones and KiNK to name a few. Most known for his popular ‘Coma Cat’ release, he also produced his first Album earlier this year with more versatile music, like we haven’t heard from him before. We spoke about the interesting collaborations and how he was as a little kid in school.. “Playing Main Stage means ... Read more