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Large Scale Trials of MDMA Approved for Medical Treatment

That MDMA is not just a party drug we knew all along. But this week held a huge victory for those fighting for legalisation of drugs like MDMA, LSD and marijuana for the medical use. After a set of successful preliminary trial treatments, the DFA (Food and Drug Administration) is moving forward with a large scale study for using Ecstasy as prescription drug to cure post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore if the results are favorable, MDMA would be available to medical patients as early as 2021. The first six initial studies were treating 130 PTSD patients with MDMA, among whom – veterans, victims of sexual assault, police officers and firefighters. Patients on avergage ... Read more

Australians Set Out to Distribute Pill-testing Kits at Music Festivals

Harm reduction advocates have set out to distribute large numbers of free “legal” DIY drug-testing kits at the big Sydney festivals this upcoming summer festival season, despite the opposition from the government. While the Netherlands are expanding the work hours of the legal government funded centre for drug-testing, the Australian politicians, law enforcement, health officials and drug experts still continue to largely clash over the most ethical and effective drug-harm reduction solutions. As the southern hemisphere is heading towards the festival season, after several drug-related fatalities last summer, more tragedies might be expected if no means are taken. Thus the organisation Harm Reduction Advocates decided to carry out a “protest manoeuvre” involving distributing free ... Read more

A Festival Gives Free Tickets To Visitors Committed to Stay Alcohol-Free

Extrema Noir, a festival that pledging for giving the stage to the young upcoming talents, decides to do sensitise festival goers with free tickets on the intoxicated driving issue. A festival in Belgium, Extrema Noir, the Extrema the indoor sister event of Outdoor Festival claim its a move to raise awareness among young people during the Christmas period, the danger of drinking and driving. Thereby, the organisation decided to offer a free entrance ticket for the drivers in a group of 4 friends, who are committed to do a test while exiting the festival. The tests are not mandatory, and it comes ... Read more

Dutch Company Produces Environmentally Friendly Vinyl

World may learn a few things from the Netherlands, when it comes to environmentalism. From choosing bikes as the main choice of transport to vinyl production. Thus here is where one producer in Harm, the south of Netherlands, came to the rescue with his environmentally friendly vinyl production process. Little did we know how harmful to the environment were our vinyl collections… While the usual production process includes using PVC materials. Now these are pretty scary. Considering they are one of todays most commonly used plastics, as Greenpeace reports, their production involves some of the most hazardous synthetic toxic chemicals, including a host of additives to ... Read more

ADE Talks Review: Shifting the Diversity Dialogue

This is a short series of articles, considering the most important, most resounding panels of Amsterdam Dance Event conferences. A collection of observations that span the conversation in the industry for the rest of the year, the heated discussions and knowledge that is worth special attention. To scan through or read thoroughly, as always is your choice, but we decided no to listen through and spread the gospel. This time, I’ll be analysing the panel presented in the ADE Pro programme by Mixmag: “Shifting the Diversity Dialogue”, which had a truly diverse set-up (naturally), represented by Coco Cole (GB, DJ/Producer), Gina Turner (US, DJ/Producer), Olga Zegers (NL, Former Music Director at ID&T), William Djoko (DJ/Producer/MC) ... Read more

ADE Talks Review: Sustainable Festivals Redefining Societies

This is a short series of articles, considering the most important, most resounding panels of Amsterdam Dance Event conferences. A collection of observations that span the conversation in the industry for the rest of the year, the heated discussions and knowledge that is worth a special attention. To scan through or read thoroughly, as always is your choice, but we decided no to listen through and spread the gospel. If Djs are the new rockstars, than festivals became the new standard of a business model, where a successful formula is repeated over and over, copied and saturated until it dies out. Let me begin with ... Read more

Foreigners Will Have To Pay 42% More To Perform in US

Foreign artists and musicians wanting to perform in the US will be hit with a 42 percent increase in artist permit fees starting Dec. 23, 2016, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced. Nominally the fee will rise by $135 from $325 USD to $460 USD. In an official press release the USCIS Director León Rodríguez commented that the organisation was mindful of the effects it would have on the customers and already withdrew from rising the fees several times, however he adds, “[..]as an agency dependent upon users’ fees to operate, these changes are now necessary to ensure we can continue to serve ... Read more

What Dance Did Right: Coachella Team Campaigns For Native American Land

Finally, it’s not just talks about spirituality, yoga and getting to know your 2nd chakra. The organization behind the biggest electronic dance music stage on Coachella Festival has taken action and turned their community’s attention to the controversy over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Despite their disavowal to be perceived as a political organization or have a political stance, Do Lab along with Symbiosis decided to proactively support the protection of the Sioux lands and is calling for donations along with exercising civic democratic rights.  If you havent heard about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests its because the media ... Read more

Interview: Cassy. The Donna of Techno

I thought I knew exactly how I will introduce Cassy after we finished our long 40 min skype call. Loads to discuss – her her freshly released album, debut on Radio 1’s Essential Mix series, Ibiza, women in the music industry and the rights and wrongs of the dance music industry. So I thought, I will introduce Cassy as someone that every girl in the electronic music scene can look up to. A strong, independent and unique woman with a feminine power and a sensitive musical flow, who also happens to be excellent DJ. But I was wrong. I just did not instantly see the whole picture. ... Read more

The Story Of Souleyman: The Arab Who’s Shaking Up Dance Music

No it is not a joke. And actually far from one. This February the former Syrian wedding musician, Omar Souleyman, is taking over the main stage at Amsterdam’s Melgweg. So it won’t be hard any more to come up with a good reason to explain why you’re listening to a Sunni wedding musician, looking like young Yasser Arafat, rocking his Schwarzenegger sunglasses. The man has had our full attention ever since we saw his 2011 performance at Glastonbury. Who else, if not a Syrian refugee musician himself, one could rightfully ask, would aid his own people in flight from Syrian war by holding shows ... Read more

The Most Politically Active Artists In Dance Music

“My house is your house” – states the mantra of the music we love. But what house are we living in in the real world? Dance music, in its purest form, comes with an embedded message of unity, acceptance and tolerance. But on the other hand, it is also a church of escapism and hedonistic ‘carpe diem’ – pretty much synonymous with the indulgence of state-of-mind enhancing substances. But does it step further than that? To the communities, societies we live in? And can DJs be the catalyst for change? (should they be?). In this list we present the dance music artists that, at least in our view, ... Read more

Berlin Fundraiser Looks To Continue Refugee Awareness With Palms Trax And Objekt

Even though borrowed from a Swedish metal band, these lyrics well describe the mood and the cause of another event where house music mobilises Europeans to aid asylum seekers. This time it all takes place at Berlin’s About Blank “We stand as one and ruled by none. To the sound of the underground” Previously, we wrote on “Techno for Humanity”  in Antwerp, aimed at bringing the dance music community together to aid the current influx of refugee (asylum seekers) in need of safe European shelter. While there are those praising Germany’s role in the crisis, others call it as pragmatic as it is idealistic. Here, ... Read more