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DHA Mix #414 By Some Chemistry

Some Chemistry, born into a globetrotting family that found music to be the closest thing to religion, is a new age nomad and music is his first home. After conducting an amateur drum ensemble over in Burkina Faso, he became a guitar player in several indie-punk bands throughout The Netherlands and ultimately became infected by theintensely repetitive music of Amsterdam’s underground clubbing scene. Intrigued by the infinite possibilities and having a taste for leftfield house and techno, he immersed himself into a true ambassador of dance in Amsterdam by the early 2010’s. If he is not in the studio or ... Read more

Audio Obscura Makes Adriatique First Electronic Act To Perform From Amsterdam Central Station

Audio Obscura latest plans in the realm of unique events at iconic locations will be held in Amsterdam on April 14th. On this date, Swiss DJ duo Adriatique will become the first electronic music act to perform at Amsterdam’s Central Station, continuing Audio Obscura’s trend of scouting out Amsterdam’s best locations for unparalleled live musical experiences. From Joris Voorn’s Het Concertgebouw nights to Maceo Plex and Underworld underneath the Rijksmuseum, Audio Obscura now adds the Lil’ Club at the Amstelpassage – a creative meeting point in the city centre for local initiatives, contemporary artists and entrepreneurship – and Central Station ... Read more

Premiere: Some Chemistry - The Tofu Drama (Original Mix)

9th volume in the Riviera Disco series with Donald Dust from the UK, Franz Scala from Germany, Forklift And Saw from Italy and Some Chemistry from Holland. “Riviera Disco Vol 9” is available soon on Bordello A Parigi

Party Report: Festifest

Amidst the festival giants such as DGTL & Dekmantel nestle some homegrown gems, born out of budding friendships and a vision to provide others with what they feel missing within the scene. Festifest is one of those gems. Perched in a small arena like area at NDSM, Festifest welcomes around 2000 people, all of which snapped up their tickets within days of release. The demand to attend Festifest took me by surprise as many people I had spoken to hadn’t really heard about it but I soon found out that the reason being was because I was speaking to expats ... Read more

Free Download: Olaf Stuut – Run (Some Chemistry’s Better Late Than Forever Mix)

Infected by the intensely hypnotic music of Amsterdam’s underground clubbing scene, Some Chemistry is a true ambassador of dance in the Dutch capital. Whether as a DJ, in the studio, or curating well-respected events in clubs such as Studio 80, Marktkantine, and cutting edge festivals by Georgie’s and Next Monday’s Hangover, Some Chemistry switches between a melodramatic kind of indie house and more uncompromising atmospherical sounds of. Here, Some Chemistry remixes another Amsterdam favorite, Olaf Stuut, a musician who always tells a story, with strong vibes, challenging harmonies, and melodic sounds. Download Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/premiere-olaf-stuut-run-some-chemistrys-better-late-than-forever-mix” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ ... Read more

Full Premiere: Mike Tohr – No More Butterflies (Original Mix)

Mike Tohr is a young producer from Belgium who’s musical career started in his home town when he was 16 years old. There he played at small parties but soon after his musical career took off, creating stunning records just like his newest EP. After German label Delude Records discovered his talent the label requested a remix for Tom Almex’s Monodeck  which received some great response. Since then he released on other labels such as Baccara, Neglected Grooves and Silverscreen. For his ‘No More Butterflies’ EP he joined forces with Amsterdam based label Subjekt Recordings. The result is a experimental masterpiece providing easy-listening and atmospheric ... Read more

Buiten Westen Podcast #006 By Some Chemistry

The summer in Amsterdam will again be sprawling with festivals. A steady name in the season is Buiten Westen, which promises to be another fine get together of thrill seekers, hot artists, festival cuisine and carnivalesque attractions. At the Next Monday’s Hangover stage we can expect a range of great modernistic deep house artists. One of them is NMH’s very own Ridzert, aka Some Chemistry. His cool, melancholic vibe  will be a welcome escape from some of the louder sounds present at the festival. Although Some Chemistry currently resides in Amsterdam, he has lived abroad for a decade. While living in exotic ... Read more

Buiten Westen Festival Stages Pt. 3: Next Monday’s Hangover

Very soon, we’ll be totaling down the last couple of days until Buiten Westen will kick off for its 3rd edition and we have a few more tips on where you should keep close during the festival. So with July 19th around the corner, there is just one more stage that we strongly recommend you to pay close attention to, as its organizers have been roaming Amsterdam’s night life vigorously and found the perfect recipe of sound. Mission By the name of Next Monday’s Hangover, they show little to no concern to the sung sound around them, as they devote ... Read more

Next Monday’s Hangover Podcast #002 by Some Chemistry

Some Chemistry lived 10 years of his life in Africa and South America. The experience during these years with different cultures and also music wise brought the rhythm in his system. At the age of 14 he sharpened his sense for melodies and harmony playing as a (bass) guitarist in several indie/punk/rock bands. These days, his electronic productions sound similar to his personality: warm and colorful. ‘The feel’ of music is more important than the quality of the kick, he says. He likes to compare his music with the experience of eating a mango. He is a resident for Next ... Read more