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DHA Mixtape #222 By Amtrac

Amtrac is a multi-talented artist who can electrify an audience, be it with a moving live music performance or by working dancefloors up to a sweat with his driving yet funk-filled DJ sets. Lured into dance by The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, these influences can clearly be heard on his debut LP, “Came Along”. From there, he branched out even further with “Hey There Kiddo”, an all-sample opus, and “The Scheme”. As quality as his original work may be, the calling card of his career is the remix, a coveted commodity in today’s music business, from majors like Interscope, Warner ... Read more

Mix #209 By Adesse Versions

Starting out as a simple re-edit series, Adesse Versions aka Kevin Gorman has reformulated his humble ambitions into a few white label releases. Adopting a typical cut and paste ethos to house music, Adesse Versions curates a theme that exemplifies roughness and raw emotion. Known for his production of tracks such as Baayi, Pressured and Modall, his music has found its way into the hands of icons such as Derrick May, Larry Heard and Gilles Peterson. Major record companies have also taken notice, resulting in a remix of Henry Krinkle for Sony. Along with his deep root in house-oriented work, he runs as a former ... Read more

New SONY Turntable Turns Vinyl Into High Res WAV Files

Expected in May and at a price of around £450, SONY’s new PS-HX500 “audiophile” turntable will be the first to convert vinyl into high quality WAV files. The details were revealed at Bristol’s Sound & Vision 2016 confernece by SONY product manager Laura Bulander who described the turntable as, “a bit more high-end than the models that we used to do and different because it’s a high resolution audio turntable. We are able to rip analogue straight into a high resolution audio format. That is, WAV up to 24bit/192kHz. But that’s not all, the turntable also supports DSD (2.8MHz) and ... Read more

Light Your Room & Power Your Speakers With Sony’s New Bulb

Having speakers in every room of your apartment or house can be a real struggle, not to mention a complicated struggle in connecting devices. It seems that the people at Sony have also felt this pain, and have come up with a brilliant idea, making your musical life easier and even helping to save energy. With its LED light bulb LSPX-100E26J (!) complete with Bluetooth speaker, Sonys product looks like a traditional light bulb. It has a standard cap screw and can be installed in the same way as a normal light bulb in ceilings or lamps. The new bulb comes with an iOS & Android ... Read more

DanceTrippin TV & Sony Are Looking For You!

DanceTrippin is more than just videos of people partying. They are a global dance music TV Channel with a lot of business in the background. They have a few cool projects coming up where they will be able to give you a peak behind the curtains of the rapid growing dance music industry and the operations of a global TV Channel.That’s why DanceTrippin needs you: Are you either a Business student who is interested in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations or do you study Graphic Design? Perhaps you are considering working in the exciting music and/or TV business after ... Read more