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Joris Voorn Launches Spectrum Radio On International FM

What started as an event/photo series is now a solid all encompassing media concept. With the addition of Spectrum Radio, Joris Voorn will be heard on worldwide fm stations in (so far) France, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Now, its 4 episodes have racked up some 100K plays across Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and iTunes, and have featured upfront music from the likes of Sasha, Patrice Baumel, Kölsch & Michael Mayer, Detroit Swindle, Stephan Bodzin and Dusky. Each episode also features special segments such as ‘So Long’ (classics), ‘The Secret’ (exclusive edits and unreleased mixes), and ‘The ... Read more

Playboy Is Getting Into The Music Streaming Business

Announced Wednesday, Playboy, famous for naked girls and a handful of quality writing, will be getting into music streaming with the launch of a new app. Playboy Music will run on all smartphones and tablets. Its procedure is pretty simple, you select songs, they play, and scantily clad women react on screen (not sure what “react” means, so I can only assume they will be solving word hunger and the likes…no, I lied…they’ll e dancing around in their underwear…). In a statement of particular profundity, the apps Creative Director Jeff LaPenna boldly states, “The models are more than just sexy…They ... Read more

Trackstack Makes Crate-Digging Virtual With New iOS App

Described as “a simple, productive, and immersive digital crate digging tool for your favourite retailer,” the new app Trackstack aims to digitally recreate the experience of vinyl collecting. Linked to Beatport and allowing users to swipe through releases, listen to snippets, and categorize, the app looks to make the experience of record searching through your phone easier. Though referrals to Soundcloud, Discogs, and various social media is possible, currently Trackstack only supports the Beatport catalogue for the actual purchasing of tracks, although they promise to add more retailers soon (as well as an Android version) For now, find the app ... Read more

Aphex Twin & DJ Shadow Drop New Surprise Tracks

It sure is that time of year, when artists are feeling generous and releasing a slew of new music, albeit sometimes under surprising circumstances. With that, today has seen soundcloud releases of new tracks from Aphex Twin, as well as DJ Shadow. Now, neither of these tracks are particulalry deep in their sounds, but both feature each artists signature sounds. Aphex Twin, who’s track was accompanied by the declaration of inebriation ‘T17 Phase Out’, “i prolly i shntnde downoied thi coz im drunki m ena uploaded..,” is a manic piece of glitch techno, while DJ Shadow’s ‘Swerve’ draws its influence ... Read more

Apps Of The Month: November

From Soundcloud creation to sonic emotion, we take a look at some of November’s best electronic music-related apps. All applications come in both Android and iOS versions, unless otherwise specified. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the month were. Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library | Download The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at the various fixed and pop-up Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library provides a unique resource for musicians all over the world and it doesn’t cost you ... Read more

Top 10 SoundCloud Uploads By ‘user18081971’ (Aphex Twin)

By now, you have probably heard of the enigmatic SoundCloud contributor user18081971 one way or the other. There is no doubt anymore that this is the alias of Aphex Twin, who started the SoundCloud account to upload new (or old?) music of his. Most of the uploads are, in proper Aphex Twin fashion, hyper conceptual – sometimes barely listenable. But after browsing through the entire upload catalogue, we have found some incredible gems from the UK master. Old ambient work, spacey acid trips, a remix of a 1988 house track that was uploaded this week and even a disco track (sort of). Oh yeah, and ... Read more

Share Music On Instagram And Snapchat With ‘Sounds’

A French startup has recently developed a new app for music discovery, which also allows its users to share content via social networks, including Instagram. Now, one of the image centered social networks most used apps, SOUNDS has capitalized on the popularity of Instagram’s recent video sharing capabilities. By allowing users to share 15 second audio previews, SOUNDS provides the receiver album artwork, watermarked with a “Made with Sounds app” (eliminated for partnered organisations, like The Fader and Ed Banger Records). SOUNDs is available for sharing on other apps too, like Tinder, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but Instagram seems to ... Read more

Followgate Lets Artists Trade A Download For A SoundCloud Follow

From the same developer of DontSample.Me, the website that neatly summarized the artists who you’d rather not sample any music from in your productions, now comes another handy new app named FollowGate. What it does is let artists build their fanbase organically by trading a download of their mix or track for a follow on their SoundCloud page.  How does it work? Just visit the FollowGate website, where you can create your download website by entering the URL of the track/mix you are offering, the download-link from any kind of download hosting website like Zippshare or Dropbox and then enter the link ... Read more

Beatport Freezes Artist & Label Payments

Until its new parent company SFX Entertainment completes its “going private” process, Beatport has alerted artists and labels that it will not pay out its owed royalties over the past quarter. For larger labels this, seemingly temporary, issue may not play as a big deal, however for small labels, 3 months of income has now been suspended. As Beatport counts as nearly 90% of revenue for some labels, the quarterly non-payment is significant. As for Beatport itself, they remain confident that the suspension will be, “coming to an end in the next few weeks, at which time all payments will be able to be ... Read more

Cymbal Mixes Instagram & Soundcloud For Easy Music Discovery

Described as “music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms,” Cymbal is a new app looks to fill the strategic gap in the digital music business, where a truly social experience for music lovers has yet to be created. The app, which launched this past May, was developed in Boston’s Tufts University by a trio of recent graduates, plays as an “Instagram for music,” bypassing unnecessary options, instead adopting a simple, less-is-more interface. Like Instagram, the app allows users to post just one song alongside colourful album art. Also like Instagram, Cymbal includes a home feed, personal profile, followers, likes, comments, hashtags and tags. The official ... Read more

European Space Agency Release Multiple Intergalactic Audio Samples

Licensed under (various) Creative Commons IGO licences, the European Space Agency has uploaded a slew of intergalactic samples on their Soundcloud page. From the consistent hum of a passing comet to the crunch of the Philae probe landing on one, from muddled mission vocals to “alien” radar blips, many of these samples are production ready, offering opportunities to producers working within the realms of everything from acid house to industrial style warehouse bangers. For good measure, NASA has also released a similar collection via their own Soundcloud page leading us to believe that the integration of intergalactic audio may be the next frontier of ... Read more

Aggregate Playlists From Anywhere On The Internet

Although Kollekt.fm has been around for a little while, its developers have just released a powerful new upgrade which allows users to aggregate neverending playlists from across the internet. Acting as, essentially, an RSS feed, Kollekt.fm can aggregate music content from such mainstay sites as Mixcloud and Soundcloud, but can also do so from any source that hosts music, including social media and blogs. This all means that, if you follow an artist on Facebook and read a few articles on him, Kollekt.fm understands that information and creates a consistently updating playlist centred around that artist. One can do this ... Read more

Special Free Download In Celebration Of 100k SC followers

Two years ago Deep House Amsterdam started out as a humble Soundcloud channel featuring mixtapes from upcoming local and international deep house DJs. Those two years have gone by quickly, and with your help we have been able to pull the platform to the next level. But even though DHA has more to it now than just mixtapes, it’s still the element that we’re probably most known for. That is why we’re excited to say that today we have reached the magical number of 100.000 followers on our Soundcloud page. And to thank all of you for your interest, enjoying ... Read more