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ADE Sets 2018 Dates For 23rd Edition

The 2018 Amsterdam Dance Event will take place from the 17 – 21, October, 2018 with some 400,000 national and international visitors expected for its 23rd edition. Amsterdam Dance Event continues to grow each year, with 2017’s edition featuring over 2,500 artists and 550 speakers at 160 venues. The event attracted visitors from over 90 countries over five days featuring every conceivable aspect of electronic music culture. For 2018, there will be a range of activities focused on South Korea, while its organisers remain committed to growing its diverse activities through cultural institutions, and by adding new pavilions focused on ... Read more

The New Miracle Hangover Cure Is…Korean Ice Cream

I learned something new today: apparently South Korea is Asia’s largest per capita consumer of alcohol, with each person averaging 12.3 liters per year. With that new info, I doesn’t come as much of a surprise that hangover cures would be big business (a $126 million per year business, to be exact). Now, after a night out, South Koreans can turn to a cool treat to soothe the nasty after effects of boozing, with a hangover cure ice cream bar. A convenience store(!) chain has developed Gyeondyo-bar(rough translation: “hang in there”), which launched last Friday, and claims to be the ... Read more

10,000+ Vinyl Library Opens In South Korea

The city of Seoul, South Korea has long been known for its array of tucked away, boutique vinyl-only bars hidden amongst its labyrinthian streets. With this love of wax, the city has now opened a 10,000+ record collection library located in its Hannam-dong neighbourhood.  The HyundaiCard sponsored venue also claims to hold every edition of Rolling Stone magazine dating back to 1967, as well as housing an event space, and a collection of over 3,000 vinyl-oriented books. “Through the Music Library and Understage, we wanted to provide Koreans with a valuable opportunity to experience a diverse range of masterpieces of music,” said Lee ... Read more