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Man Power’s Me Me Me Playlist

Rising to prominence over the past few years through an undoubted musical versatility, Man Power has been heard via ESP Institute, Hivern Discs, Infine, Ene Japan, Permanant Vacaction and Throne of Blood. Last year, his critically acclaimed on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant led to several Artist of the Year accolades, while also holding residencies at Monterrey’s Topaz Deluxe and Mexico City’s MN Roy. In addition to holding these Mexico-based residencies, Man Power’s past few months have also seen him throw down at the likes of Panorama Bar and Glastonbury, as well as gigs from Japan to New York, Tel Aviv and ... Read more

Stream New Solomun ‘Selected Remixes 2009-2015’ Now

Solomun is returns to the land of releases with a compilation of his best-loved remixes from over the past 7 years. Made up of 24 tracks across 2xCD, ‘Selected Remixes 2009 – 2015’ is split into a vocal and non-vocal disc. The album is a great overview of the multiple facets of Solomon’s unique yet ever evolving production style as his seminal label Diynamic reaches its 10th anniversary this year, marking the perfect time for this retrospective release. See also: Interview: Solomun For those who may not know, Solomun has risen to a near iconic status as a DJ, label ... Read more

Is Basslet The FitBit Of Bass?

Coming our of Berlin, a new wearable technology meant to enhance the tactile effects of bass, has been released. Dubbed BASSLET, the bracelet like gadget is meant to recreate the physical effects of bass that headphones and speaker systems cannot. Essentially, users would plug the device into their music players. Mounted on the bracelet is a proprietary engine that sends frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist. The company behind basslet, founded by ex Ableton and Native Instruments employees, aims the product past audiophiles, however. Also in their sites are gamers, VR users, and casual music fans. Endorsed by ... Read more

Playboy Is Getting Into The Music Streaming Business

Announced Wednesday, Playboy, famous for naked girls and a handful of quality writing, will be getting into music streaming with the launch of a new app. Playboy Music will run on all smartphones and tablets. Its procedure is pretty simple, you select songs, they play, and scantily clad women react on screen (not sure what “react” means, so I can only assume they will be solving word hunger and the likes…no, I lied…they’ll e dancing around in their underwear…). In a statement of particular profundity, the apps Creative Director Jeff LaPenna boldly states, “The models are more than just sexy…They ... Read more

Find Out Which Game Of Thrones Character Is Your Musical Match

Ahead of tonight’s big season premiere, Spotify is telling its listeners which Game of Thrones character would most vibe with their music tastes. Built as a simple quiz, asking users to name 5 artists who best represent their musical tastes, and the streaming service matches you with your likeminded GoT character. If you are already a Spotify subscriber, the process is even easier, as it will just scan your playlists and tell you. Spotify worked directly with GoT music supervisor Evyen J. Klean to add extra authenticity to the quiz, so you really can’t complain if you’ve got the muscial ... Read more

A Fully Interactive Map Of Every Music Genre EVER

Created by the Spotify-owned music data service Echo Nest, Every Noise At Once is an interactive map highlighting just that…every musical genre ever created! “Maps are, after all, as much machines for getting lost as they are for finding yourself. There are probably things on this map you’ve never imagined. It probably contains things that you don’t yet realise you love, and branching points where you will be amazed and thrilled to have veered, “ says Echo Nest of the project. Every Noise At Once allows users to listen to any and all musical genres with samples of each aggregated where you can ... Read more

RIAA: Streaming Now Officially Included For Calculation Of Record Sales

From vinyl to cassette, and from cd to the paid mp3: the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has always strived to keep up with technology in its documentation of record sales and effective awards considerations based on those sales. Now, in the age of convenience where playing your digitalised library via Apple Music and Spotify has become the norm, the RIAA has decided that streaming is also to be included for the determination of album sales and consequent platinum, gold or silver awards.  The RIAA released the news after Rihanna’s ANTI album went platinum following its downloadable release. Pitchfork reports that one single stream does not actually equal one sale. The way ... Read more

Spotify’s New Music Genres Are As Hipster As You’d Imagine

Electronic music is no stranger to the obscure sub genre, but Spotify’s list of its own created ones is truly a hipster sight to behold. Firstly, explaining the methodology behind the genres, Spotify says: “Spotify’s genres react to changes in music as they happen. Our music intelligence platform reads everything written about music on the web and listens to millions of new songs all the time to identify unique acoustic attributes. To create dynamic genres, we identify salient terms used to describe music (e.g., “math rock,” “IDM”, etc.), just as they start to appear. We then model genres as dynamic ... Read more

Spotify’s New App Finally Proves That You ‘Found Them First’

While only less than two months has passed since Spotify fans got to enjoy the brand new Spotify tool Discover Weekly, which every Monday presents a two-hour selection of custom-made music recommendations, company launched a new one. Found Them First is a web app that lets you know which artists you have found and listened to before anyone else. It works pretty easy. User connects their Spotify account in the Found Them First website, then the algorithm looks into your Spotify listening history and reveals how ahead of “the masses” your music tastes are. Not entirely everyone though, one has to ... Read more

Beatport Freezes Artist & Label Payments

Until its new parent company SFX Entertainment completes its “going private” process, Beatport has alerted artists and labels that it will not pay out its owed royalties over the past quarter. For larger labels this, seemingly temporary, issue may not play as a big deal, however for small labels, 3 months of income has now been suspended. As Beatport counts as nearly 90% of revenue for some labels, the quarterly non-payment is significant. As for Beatport itself, they remain confident that the suspension will be, “coming to an end in the next few weeks, at which time all payments will be able to be ... Read more

Cymbal Mixes Instagram & Soundcloud For Easy Music Discovery

Described as “music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms,” Cymbal is a new app looks to fill the strategic gap in the digital music business, where a truly social experience for music lovers has yet to be created. The app, which launched this past May, was developed in Boston’s Tufts University by a trio of recent graduates, plays as an “Instagram for music,” bypassing unnecessary options, instead adopting a simple, less-is-more interface. Like Instagram, the app allows users to post just one song alongside colourful album art. Also like Instagram, Cymbal includes a home feed, personal profile, followers, likes, comments, hashtags and tags. The official ... Read more

An Interactive World Map According To Musical Tastes

Spotify has unveiled a comprehensive, interactive world map breaking down musical tastes among a wide selection of geographic locations, big and small. When users click on a certain area of interest, Spotify will direct you to its respective playlist. The maps selection process is determined by what Spotify categorises as distinctive: “What do we mean by ‘distinctive?’ This is music that people in each city listen to quite a bit, which people in other cities also do not listen to very much. So it is, exactly, the music that makes them different from people everywhere else.“ Each playlist is updated twice per month, with ... Read more

Possible Plans For Music Videos Inside Your Facebook News Feed

Last week a rumour started spreading that Facebook was about to enter the market of music streaming services, merely a couple of days after Apple Music went live. Facebook denied the claims however, and made a statement saying it had no desire to begin a streaming service of its own. One insider has now told Billboard that Facebook has something in the works that could be seen as an attempt to enter Google territory. Billboard’s source disclosed information of the social media company having talks with record labels to discuss possibilities for them to natively post official music videos in ... Read more

Why Apple’s Swift Reaction Is More Than A Business Decision

Last Sunday Taylor Swift sent an open letter to Apple Music, Apple’s recently announced music streaming service, to call upon them a change in their approach regarding the no-payment policy during the service’s three month free trial-period (which every subscriber will be granted). The company was scrutinized by both indie labels and artists after the no payment policy, which would be a heavy financial blow for smaller labels and beginning artists. See also: Indie Labels Threatening To Drop Out Of Apple Music Catalog In her open letter, Swift made her appeal by hitting Apple where it hurts: “I’m sure you ... Read more

Leaked Contract: Apple Music Pays No Royalties For Free Account Plays

Apple’s brand new music streaming service Apple Music will allegedly not be paying artists, labels and publishers a dime for plays coming from free trial accounts, a leaked Apple contract states. Furthermore, the document has shed light on the fact that Apple apparently pays less royalties from their turnover than Spotify. See also: So Should Apple Music Be Spotify’s Biggest Fear Now? Digital Music News was able to get their hands on the contract for Apple’s new streaming service and found out about the news that will probably not fall too great with the artists whose music is featured in the ... Read more