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Curate Playlists (And Get Paid) With Atmosphere

The Amsterdam startup Kollekt.fm has just announced their new music service for business platform, Atmosphere. With Atmosphere a handpicked music selection is specifically curated by artists and music lovers creating better in store experiences and even the opportunity for curators to be compensated. Look past the outdated playlists with carefully selected musicians, DJs, Producers and Record Label owners providing the musical atmosphere for such Amsterdam brands as Ace & Tate, SLA, Marqt, and over 80 other destinations worldwide. Presented as a streaming app, Atmosphere provides seamless playback that is fully licensed for business use. Through an intake process, kollekt.fm finds ... Read more

21st Century Club Gadget: The Sound Responsive Disco Ball

After being around for more than a century now (first documented in 1897!), the most prolific and identifiable symbol in nightlife culture, the disco ball, is up for some serious remodelling. Disco Disco is a collaborative project initiated by creative entrepreneur Alex Asseily, kickstarted design-wise by design studio Goodwin Hartshorn, and then evolved, developed, expanded and made sing by Haberdashery. So what exactly is this 21st century answer to the disco ball? ‘Disco Disco’ is inspired by the hitsoric mirror globe, brought fully up to date with a sound responsive capability, with the sensitivity to react to a clicked finger through to your ... Read more

Share Music On Instagram And Snapchat With ‘Sounds’

A French startup has recently developed a new app for music discovery, which also allows its users to share content via social networks, including Instagram. Now, one of the image centered social networks most used apps, SOUNDS has capitalized on the popularity of Instagram’s recent video sharing capabilities. By allowing users to share 15 second audio previews, SOUNDS provides the receiver album artwork, watermarked with a “Made with Sounds app” (eliminated for partnered organisations, like The Fader and Ed Banger Records). SOUNDs is available for sharing on other apps too, like Tinder, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but Instagram seems to ... Read more