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STEMS Supported 8-Deck Mixing Is Now A Reality

For the DJ who dreams of digitally spinning on 8 decks with full STEMS support, your time is now. Speaking in analogue terms, DJing has long been a 2 turntable affair with some notable exceptions coming in the form of 3 or 4 deck mixing by the likes of Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, etc, while its digital counterpart largely centers around 4 deck mixing. But, now, Mixed in Key has released the Flow 8 and, as the name suggests, users are able to mix 8 audio tracks on its digital interface. This is the first time such capability has been offered ... Read more

Native Instruments Unveils New TRAKTOR KONTROL S5

Yesterday, in Berlin (naturally) Native Instruments announced TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 – the latest all-in-one DJ system that has the compatibility with Stems. The controller hasn’t lost its base – the same familiar hardware control, touch-and-see workflow and all the rest familiar features, but no controller to this day, had the possibility to work on it with Stems. See also: Hundreds Of Top Labels Sign On To Native Instruments’ Stems TRAKTOR KONTROL S5 becomes the fourth addition to the family of  TRAKTOR controllers, integrating the control of Stems – the open audio format for creative DJ performance. The Stem View shows ... Read more

Studio Quality Production App Now Available For Android

Having already released for iOS back in 2013, Ninjajamm was just one of many music production apps in the spectrum of the Apple-centric digital sphere. Now, Ninjajamm has separated from the pack a bit by releasing their intuitive touch controlled platform for Android devices. Essentially, working off the “stems” approach, Ninjajamm allows users to remix remix “tunepacks” you chose using a sequence-based interface by using its touch, tilt, and gesture controls alongside effects and filters (reverb, glitch). The app was developed by Coldcut‘s Jonathan Moore and originally provided Ninja Tune artists (Moore is a co founder of the seminal dance imprint) such as Amon Tobin ... Read more

Hundreds Of Top Labels Sign On To Native Instruments’ Stems

Native Instruments latest audio format, Stems, has announced hundreds of the industries top labels have signed on to the open source software. See also: Native Instruments Introduces ‘Stems’ Audio Format Allowing Greater Manipulation Capabilities The idea behind Stems is so that DJs can mix between and combine elements of different elements of tracks in ways they could not before using traditional mixers and EQs. Dividing tracks into four “stems,” bass, drums, synth, and vocals, compatible hardware allows for a new mixing interface featuring each element’s colour coded waveform. The format, which is packaged inside standard MPEG-4 files, also can play as ... Read more

Weav Will Change The Way We Listen To And Create Music

Make music that sounds awesome “at any speed”. That is the motto from Google Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen‘s latest interactive music production format, Weav.  Allowing musicians to manipulate tempo without affecting track quality, “artists can specify how the track should change and develop as the tempo is increased or decreased, opening up tremendous new creative possibilities,” says the project’s website. “The artist controls the composition, changing the experience depending on the playback speed chosen by the listener.” The premise is simple: when a track’s tempo is manipulated by a listener, it inevitably becomes distorted. By affecting the BPM, a track’s original form becomes warped – ... Read more

Native Instruments Introduces ‘Stems’ Audio Format Allowing Greater Manipulation Capabilities

Native Instruments, creators and proprietors of Traktor DJ Software, have announced a new open audio format entitled ‘STEMS’ rolling out in the upcoming months. Introduced in Miami at last week’s Winter Music Conference, Stems primary goal is to make more aspects of music available for manipulation, whether in the studio or in the booth, by DJs, Remixers, and Producers alike. For example, four “Stems” (bass, drums, melody, vocals) exist within each file, which can now be accessed and modified as individual elements.  Each stem file, which ends with stem.mp4, contains a single stereo mix and all 4 parts. Though larger than an MP3 ... Read more