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Curate Playlists (And Get Paid) With Atmosphere

The Amsterdam startup Kollekt.fm has just announced their new music service for business platform, Atmosphere. With Atmosphere a handpicked music selection is specifically curated by artists and music lovers creating better in store experiences and even the opportunity for curators to be compensated. Look past the outdated playlists with carefully selected musicians, DJs, Producers and Record Label owners providing the musical atmosphere for such Amsterdam brands as Ace & Tate, SLA, Marqt, and over 80 other destinations worldwide. Presented as a streaming app, Atmosphere provides seamless playback that is fully licensed for business use. Through an intake process, kollekt.fm finds ... Read more

Boiler Room To Launch First Virtual Reality Venue

Live stream behemoth Boiler Room are stepping into the 21st Century with a new virtual reality venue. Launching in early 2017, the venue is designed to film and stream shows in virtual reality allowing for a space the company can host its events in one communal space and in real time. Having partnered with vR company Inception, an entertainment company dedicated exclusively to the virtual space, will deisgn the venue. In their official press release, Boiler Room says, “Most of Boiler Room’s audience is made up of global online users who tune in to watch music events they can’t attend ... Read more

Streaming Giants Come Together For New Payment & Royalty ThinkTank

The Open Music Initiative, a new program from The Berklee College Of Music’s Institute For Creative Entrepreneurship, aims to create “open source standards and innovation” for improved compensation and royalty payout”. In conjunction with MIT Labs and just about every major streaming service and record label, the Boston based program will run July 11-29. On board with the program that its co-founder describes as,    “[the]intersection of open source technologies, creator rights and music consumption,” are streaming giants YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, Netflix, and SiriusXM, as well as Universal, Sony and Warner Records, smaller radio stations, and independent labels. Over the program, ... Read more

Playboy Is Getting Into The Music Streaming Business

Announced Wednesday, Playboy, famous for naked girls and a handful of quality writing, will be getting into music streaming with the launch of a new app. Playboy Music will run on all smartphones and tablets. Its procedure is pretty simple, you select songs, they play, and scantily clad women react on screen (not sure what “react” means, so I can only assume they will be solving word hunger and the likes…no, I lied…they’ll e dancing around in their underwear…). In a statement of particular profundity, the apps Creative Director Jeff LaPenna boldly states, “The models are more than just sexy…They ... Read more

RIAA: Streaming Now Officially Included For Calculation Of Record Sales

From vinyl to cassette, and from cd to the paid mp3: the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has always strived to keep up with technology in its documentation of record sales and effective awards considerations based on those sales. Now, in the age of convenience where playing your digitalised library via Apple Music and Spotify has become the norm, the RIAA has decided that streaming is also to be included for the determination of album sales and consequent platinum, gold or silver awards.  The RIAA released the news after Rihanna’s ANTI album went platinum following its downloadable release. Pitchfork reports that one single stream does not actually equal one sale. The way ... Read more

The Future Of Album Art Is Fully Interactive With Whitestone

If you’ve ever been less than enthusiastic about the album art accompanying your online downloads, never fear because a new service is changing the way we interact with the visuals of online music. Whitestone, essentially acts like a social network, where users are able to follow friends, favourite artists, or websites in order to receive an updated stream of what is being listened to much like Soundcloud’s personal stream. What is revolutionary about Whitestone, however, is its platform where artists are able to release complete, full screen audio/visual experiences to accompany their work. By giving listeners access to touch gestures, ... Read more

With Chew, Let The World Watch You DJ

Describing itself as “Twitch for DJs,” a new British startup wants to do for dance music what Amazon’s subsidiary has done for gaming. Created by Wil Benton and Ben Bowler, Chew.tv broadcasts DJ sets to online audiences with cameras usually focused on the equipment.  As witnessing DJing frequently is not a riveting experience for viewers (at least, the bare bone mixing aspect), Chew.tv places its emphasis on the video side of what is otherwise a music streaming platform as users are expected to share video streams alongside audio. In just a few months, Chew has registered 4,000 DJs who have created more ... Read more

Beatport Releases New Streaming App For iOS and Android

With an ever-expanding catalog of tracks from dance music’s top artists and labels, the newly redesigned Beatport has officially launched their streaming app for iOS and Android.  Simply put, the app will put millions of tracks in users pockets alongside unlimited, free streaming. Listen to all your favorite tracks from a wide range of leading dance imprints, plus explore playlists curated by the Beatport team handpicking each week. Users will also be able to discover festival and event information from around the world, or find out what’s happening locally. Beatport users can: Discover millions of new tracks and music from ... Read more