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Can Understanding Dance Music Fans Brains Control Eating Disorders?

Not happening yet, but a researcher at Melbourne University is claiming that understanding the brains of electronc music fans holds the key to curbing eating disorders. The researcher, Neuroscience candidate Kiralee Musgrove, aims to see how listeners transform from simply hearing music to actually “feeling” it, with a special focus on the relationship between craving and pleasure. “We know that people often use music as a tool to regulate their emotions,” Musgrove describes of her intentions. Musgrove would go on to describe how she aims to create “personalized music therapy” for people suffering from a wide range of disorders, including ... Read more

Guess What Color Makes You Seem More Attractive, Intelligent And Confident?

This one goes out to all the techno heads out there and those who have been in the know way before the rest of us, specifically regarding the almighty power of black. For many of us, interests aside, a consistent element of black in the wardrobe is essential. I mean, how else are we going to let everyone know the color of our souls, but now a new study purports to say that those who consistently wear black appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident, than their lighter colored counterparts. In the study, out of 1,000 people, 66% of women found ... Read more

Study Shows Positive Results In Stopping Tinnitus

Tinnitus, and the longterm hearing damage that can follow, is one of the most common negative effects of being a musician or working in the music industry. But perpetuated exposure to loud noises is starting to become increasingly problematic for regular club and festival goers too – the same goes for the countless people that listen to their music at too high a volume on headphones. The World Health Organization put things into a rather alarming perspective last year, as they predicted that over a billion people are risking hearing loss. The University Of Texas, however, has been continuously researching ways to combat and actually reduce existing tinnitus by stimulating the nerve ... Read more

The Man Who Took 40.000 XTC Pills In His 20’s

A study from 2006 discovered by NY Mag revealed a pretty extraordinary case. Dr. Christos Kouimtsidis, of the London Psychiatry center had been studying a patien, mr. A., who had reported to be suffering from memory loss and limited mental capabilities. The answer to his issues were found pretty quickly however, as mr. A. declared to have been taking XTC at an alarming rate and quantity during his 20s. When he had to make an estimation on just how much XTC he had taken during this period, he came to a figure of 40.000 pills. See also: Full Study Mr. ... Read more

Musical Tastes Reflect The Way You Think, Study Says

In a recent University of Cambridge study published in the journal PLOS ONE, a team of psychologists have shown that ones thinking style – whether you are an ‘empathizer’ (those who likes to focus on and respond to the emotions of others), or a ‘systemizer’ (those who like to analyse rules and patterns) —is an accurate predictor of ones musical tastes. Generally, empathetic people seem to prefer the mellower side of the spectrum, which includes R&B and soft rock and (what the report described as) “unpretentious”(!) music like folk, and contemporary music (which includes dance music). Empathetic people also gravitate toward reflective, sad or depressing songs, as well as those ... Read more