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The Techno Scenester’s Must-Have Card Game ‘Berghain ze Game’ is Out for Sale

Remember some time ago we mentioned these guys came up with an idea to create the most obscure must-have card game for the techno scenesters: Berghain ze Game? A game based around the legendary line to the notorious party institution Berghain, and it’s characters. So the news is, it’s out for sale, the ‘Earlybird’ version costs 15.77 and its by far the most amusing pre-party entertainment after dressing up. See also: Save The World From The Apocalypse By Partying Inside Berghain The game is both fun and educational, since as the creators say in their Kickstarter page: We wanted to make a gateway game that ... Read more

[Gallery] Berghain’s Sven Shoots New Men’s Fashion Campaign

I’ll spare you the generic Berghain and Sven Marquadt introduction here and just say the tattooed doorman has photographed his most recent fahsion campaign. His first since 2014, where his photography was displayed on T-Shirts by Hugo Boss, this time the collection is high tech men’s socks from ITEM m6. As you can see in the gallery below, there is a boxing theme going on here, with Marquadt explaining, “I was inspired by boxing matches, which represent masculinity, victory, pride, but also vulnerability and something rebellious. With this idea in mind, we selected our models, men who know the boxing ... Read more

With This New Card Game You Can Finally Win At Berghain

Yes, Berghain is back in the news, kinda, but this time it’s something fun! An upcoming Kickstarter project has recently launched an Instagram Page teasing “Berghain ze Game,” a graphic card game putting players in the role of infamous doorman, Sven Marquadt. TBH, I’m terrible at grasping card game rules so all I can say is the object is to create the best crowd inside as possible. Some of the characters are the “Cub,” “Fag Hag,” “Tourist,” “Leather Daddy” and “Ketamine Fiend” all separated via color coded cards. On the game, the creators explain: “your job is to let the ... Read more

Look Back At A Decade Of Berghain Art

Berlin nightlife mega myth Berghain is (quite obviously) known for its music scene, but a new book from the club has highlighted one of its lesser known aspects: that of contemporary art gallery. In publisher Hatje Cantz‘ “Berghain | Kunst im Klub”, readers are able to look back at 10 years of visual art, music, architecture, human bodies, and minds, with a slew of interviews, photos, illustrations, conversations, with enlisted artists. In both German & English, the book is able to shine a light on artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Norbert Bisky, Marc Brandenburg, Carsten Nicolai, Sven Marquardt, Ali Kepenek, Friederike ... Read more