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Opinion: The Democratisation of Music or What Happens Now Everyone’s a DJ?

New advancements in DJ and equipment are now hitting us on a daily basis. Pioneer has just this week released an iPhone version of their WeDJ app which allows users to play at being Carl Cox on the morning commute or make believe they’re Adam Beyer whilst on the bog. Of course, this progression was inevitable. Everybody wants to be a DJ and the technology available makes it easier and easier to become one. Where once you had to spend a load of cash on equipment and spend a load more time figuring out how it worked (without the help ... Read more

Choose Your Own Path To Vegas’ Superstardom

Have you ever dreamt of dominating the booming, and commercial, world of the big room Las Vegas DJ?  Do you still wear your Calvin Harris tramp stamp with pride?  Well, even if Sin City may be out of physical reach, shareable content giant Clickhole has presented a Choose Your Own Adventure style game asking you to “DJ This Party” and conquer Vegas, contemporary EDM style. You will play as Prague’s finest, DJ Musik and Club Jenga (LOL) is the hottest jump off on the Vegas strip, but just like a spot on the guest list, the DJ booth seems to be ... Read more