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Boiler Room To Launch First Virtual Reality Venue

Live stream behemoth Boiler Room are stepping into the 21st Century with a new virtual reality venue. Launching in early 2017, the venue is designed to film and stream shows in virtual reality allowing for a space the company can host its events in one communal space and in real time. Having partnered with vR company Inception, an entertainment company dedicated exclusively to the virtual space, will deisgn the venue. In their official press release, Boiler Room says, “Most of Boiler Room’s audience is made up of global online users who tune in to watch music events they can’t attend ... Read more

Amsterdam Dance Event Announces First Industry Hackathon

With innovation at the forefront of the dance and festival scene, ADE has announced its partnership wth DGTL and Young Creators for the first every dance industry ADE Hackathon. Though further details and programme notes have yet to be announced, it is the need for discovery that drives ADE Hackathon’s three partners, especially as the electronic music scene utilizes data and technology with ever increasing urgency. At the event, developers, designers and entrepreneurs are ponder the challenges the dance industry faces, as well as the opportunities data and technology provide. 100 selected participants will be invited to develop concept, apps, ... Read more

Apps Of The Month: June 2016

From full artistic control of booking to a customized earprint, we take a look at some of the apps and updates of the month this past June 2016. This month it seems as though all applications only come in iOS versions. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were. MIDI Designer Pro 2 | iOS A major update to the original MIDI controller platform for iOS, MIDI Designer Pro 2 includes new features like a redesigned look,IAP with new control types: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters, and new Preset Packs. Mimi | ... Read more

New Apple Technology May Block Cameras On Dancefloors

We all know the phones on the dancefloor conversation: should you? shouldn’t you? where? why? all of that… Well, everyone’s favorite multi-national behemoth Apple seems to know this conversation too and has now been awarded a patent that, theoretically, will be able to block mobile phone camera within certain spaces. Basically, using the iPhones infrared sensor (see diagram below), participating venues would be able to transmit data points, making iPhone cameras shut off when pointed at the stage. The patent has been circling around Apple since 2011 and, at time of writing, there has been no announcement to implement the ... Read more

Is Basslet The FitBit Of Bass?

Coming our of Berlin, a new wearable technology meant to enhance the tactile effects of bass, has been released. Dubbed BASSLET, the bracelet like gadget is meant to recreate the physical effects of bass that headphones and speaker systems cannot. Essentially, users would plug the device into their music players. Mounted on the bracelet is a proprietary engine that sends frequencies as low as 10hz into your wrist. The company behind basslet, founded by ex Ableton and Native Instruments employees, aims the product past audiophiles, however. Also in their sites are gamers, VR users, and casual music fans. Endorsed by ... Read more

Editorial: Are Computers Instruments?

How many times have you had to defend your music taste in a bar to people who just do not understand dance music? I certainly have. I’ve heard people argue that DJ’s are not playing instruments. And truthfully, not all of them do. DJing is a different talent, one that us in this community admire; however, musicians of the old school rock and roll mentality resist this. Of course DJs and producers are not necessarily the same thing, many in this day and age are pressured to do both. In this way there is a growing musicality coming back into ... Read more

Nanotechnology That Self-Repairs Your Vinyl

Nanotechnology is making its way into the vinyl market in pure Johnny Depp style. However, in contrast to the (2014) film ‘Transcendence’, there are only positive outcomes to this breakthrough – for your vinyl at least. A Japanese company called Ulvac has unveiled a patented technology that claims it could solve problems for scratched vinyl and offer better sound quality. The company demonstrated the idea at the Hi-End Audio Show in Taiwan, in which a nano-coating of the chemical molybdenum prevents scratches, mold, and static electricity. Ulvac also claimed the material may prevent heat conductivity issues and record warping. Ulvac’s vice CEO Clare Wei initially ... Read more

Give Your Fetus The Marathon Set Of Its Life(?!) With Babypod Sound System

Conceived by the Institut Marquès, a Spanish gynecology clinic, has developed Babypod, a device meant to transmit unmuddled sound directly in utero. Built around a study which demonstrated that developing fetuses are able to react to sound at the 16 week mark, Babypod is meant to induce a response of vocal movements, stimulating mother and child connection in a more clear and concise way than with the more traditional abdominal headphones. Practically, Babypod is a speaker, which can be inserted into the vagina via tampons, which can be connected to a smartphone. Scientifically, Institut Marquès claims that the Babypod “stimulates ... Read more

Phone Free Dancefloors May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Should the dancefloor be a phone free zone? It is a question that is distinct to the 21st Century era of nightclubbing. In the era of uber connectivity, it seems as if the glistening screens of the mobile are as ubiquitous to modern life as branding, conflict, and anxiety. Undoubtedly necessary, yet unequivocally prevalent, the mobile surely is the love/hate item of our time. With that, as well as the aforementioned realities of current life, sanctuaries of release such as the dancefloor, concert hall, or the Broadway stage have had a particularly volatile relationship with the device as, one one ... Read more

Dolby Labs Multi-Dimensional Atmos System Is Coming To Nightclubs Soon

From the cinema to the nightclub, the way we hear music at our favourite venues may be about to change forever thanks to Dolby’s Atmos system. Dolby Laboratoriess has been a staple of cinema’s the world over (you may have heard the system in films like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), but now the company looks to bring its famed Atmos sound technology into the nightclub space.  As described by Gabe Cory, the product manager of Dolby Atmos: A club that has been outfitted with a Dolby Atmos set-up will give audiences a unique and high-quality audio experience they’ve never ... Read more

Rolands Adds AIRA Modular Options With SYSTEM-1m

With roots in the very origins of electronic music, AIRA is a new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of the contemporary electronic musician. In the studio or on the stage, AIRA brings genre-defining sounds and modern performance features to a new generation. While computers dominate so many music production activities today, artists still seek inspiration through the sonic character and responsive feel of traditional analog hardware. AIRA products emphasize the spontaneous creativity and hands-on performance inspired by these vintage electronic instruments while integrating neatly into today’s computer-based production environments. At this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Roland revealed ... Read more

With A Little Help From NYMA, Magda Aims to Blur The Lines Between DJ and Live Performance

Over the past handful of years, the concept of DJing has changed dramatically. Unlike the two-turntable-and-a-mixer approach of yesteryear, mixing is now composed out of a much more complex syntax of structures, layers, stems and patches.  With this in mind, minimal icon Magda and prominent technology pioneer NYMA have collaborated on a brand new, handmade, and customised DJ controller, which they call VERSUS. Developed in congruence with Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS (who hand make each unit in Switzerland, to order), VERSUS aims to “further bridging the gap between live and DJ performances, at maximising creative possibilities and at making the process as smooth and ... Read more