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DHA & The Boom Room Present: Inland Knights In The Mix

DJ’s, Producers and label owners, Andy Riley and Laurence Ritchie (AKA Inland Knights) have created a brand name that most House heads have heard of. Whether you like it deep , techie or more funky – when you think about Drop Music or Inland Knights a certain style of House comes to mind that is uniquely their own. Andy and Laurence’s reach is global, and their label’s continue to produce some of the finest House music 15 years after they started back in the UK, within Nottingham’s legendary party scene. Ritchie and Riley met in ’93 and cut their teeth ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: My Favorite Robot

My Favorite Robot is the trio of Jared Simms, James Teej, and Voytek Korab, three Canadian DJ/producers who in a space of a few short years have become a central part of the global electronic music scene. Simms & Korab originally formed the My Favorite Robot act in Montreal back in 2002 and the label in 2008, shortly after Jared’s move to Toronto from Montreal. At the same time, the duo hooked up with the No19 Music crew and James Teej and a new chapter in Canadian music history was born. Teej, who was already recording for Rekids and other ... Read more

Full Premiere: Seb Wildblood – Moðir (Original Mix)

Not long ago we hosted a mix by DJ and producer Seb Wildblood as part of our collaboration with The Boom Room. Now the founder of South London’s ‘Church’, Seb Wildblood is exploring the deeper side of electronic music further on his ‘Foreign Parts’ LP. Seb Wildblood, is leading the South London club scene with his illustrious Church night for many years already. The renowned nights take place at Corisca Studios, which is also where he took his first steps into production back in 2012. Soon after, he founded his own label under the same name with his club night partner, Dom Apes. After releases ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Odd Parents

Today we present another collaboration between Deep House Amsterdam and The Boom Room. This time we have Mama Maars and Oswald, the creepy Uncle, better known as Odd Parents in the mix for you. The odd family duo DJ and produce mainly as part of the Ellum crew, apart from a few releases on Leftroom Records, since they started off in 2012, but on Ellum they found their home. Just as Ellum does, the music and DJ sets of the duo stand for darkly funky and oddly fresh sound, from old to new and from house to techno. Since they met and ... Read more


Seb Wildblood, founder of south London’s Church label is currently exploring the deeper side of electronic music. The all-rounder is someone to keep an eye on. We present his mix in collaboration with the Boom Room. Seb Wildblood is leading the South London club scene with his illustrious Church night for many years now. The infamous nights are taking place at Corisca Studios and this is also where he took his first steps into production in back in 2012. Soon he founded his own label under the same name with his partner for the club nights, Apes, with whom he also released the first ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Stefan Z In The Mix

Canadian producer, DJ, promoter and Rhombus label head has a strong musical background. Playing everything from trumpet, piano to the drums and  listening to his father’s Vangelis records definitely helped him shape his sound, ranging from house to techno and beyond. For the collaboration between DHA and The Boom Room he sat down and put together his first studio mix since summer 2014. Stefan already mastered many tools a good producer needs when growing up. After being exposed to electronic music in junior high and attending his first rave near Vancouver he was hooked. This was in the year 2000. Since his first release on Berlin label Resopal Shallware ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Poupon In The Mix

For our next edition of the DHA & Boom Room Mix special we introduce a young man from Canada. Amongst the fast-rising movement happening across the Atlantic is Poupon, a Toronto-born DJ/Producer, who in a short time has made a name for himself in the house music community with well-received releases & remixes on labels such as petFood, Aella Music, Strictly Rhythm and chart topping collaborations with Prince Club on Snatch! Records. Poupon has come into a distinguished sound of his own by looking forwards to techno, backwards to classic R&B & House, sideways to tribal and down to deep ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Chris Stussy In The Mix

Only twenty years old, Chris Stussy has an infinite energy supply and passion for music. While performing he shows relentless engagement, so it’s not just a pleasure for the ears but for the eyes as well to attend a gig of his. Producing high quality music is his main objective though. His passion, dedication and hard-working persona align perfectly with his ambition to create his own unique sound and please not only himself but the crowd too. Apart from a crazy party you can find him at his studio spending long hours and being persistent on making his dreams come ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Atapy In The Mix

Arpi Takacs, mostly known as Atapy, and his addiction to electronic music are an example of a classic story of a kid regularly hitting the clubs, who later on takes on the adventure of testing some DJ skills for the first time. Time comes and growth is inevitable. It all started slowly and deep, as all good things want their spark first at some smaller labels gaining more and more attention and support from others on the highway to success. After long research and musical exposure that he initially started in 2009, Atapy began to put more attention to his productions ... Read more

DHA x The Boom Room: Jimpster & Gabriel Ananda | ADE 2014

During ADE 2014, we invited over two formidable artists that hardly need any introduction: Jimpster and Gabriel Ananda. During the livestream at The Boom Room’s ADE headquarters at Leidseplein, both DJs dropped by for a 30-minute set. You can listen to both The Boom Room sets here. Jimpster Jamie Odell, aka Jimpster, has been producing, remixing and DJing for the last 20 years and co-running esteemed UK deep house label Freerange Records (voted Best British Label 2007 in DJ Mag) for the last 17 of them. More recently he set up Delusions Of Grandeur as an outlet for more underground ... Read more

DHA & The Boom Room Present: Route94 In The Mix For DGTL

ADE is slowly creeping under our skin and we’re skipping past the last week. Today’s podcast is a Paradise Special, featuring this year’s acclaimed DJ/Producer, Route94. Jamie Jones’ Paradise concept comes back to ADE for its second time and promises to bring the raunchy, groovy style of Hot Creations in the wake  of DGTL. On October 17th the likes of Jamie Jones, Magda, The Martinez Brothers, Deetron and Route94 amongst others will smash the NDSM docks. As many might resemble it to the main route in the UK, Route94 is actually the DJ pseudonym of London based Rowan Tyler Jones. ... Read more