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ADE Report: Jeff Mills’ Time Tunnel

The concept of the journey is one frequently thrown around in the electronic music world. From the physical journey between home and venue to the metaphorical journey (hopefully) supplied by the nights’ selector, the invocation of epic travel has been part and parcel to an event’s face-value happenings since the beginning. Over the years there have been many musical journeys of note at clubs, venues and warehouses throughout the world (recently, Marco Carola’s epic 24 hour Sunwaves set comes to mind). Drawing from my own introduction to the DJ journey, I recall the days of marathon sets at New York ... Read more

Jeff Mills Unveils Complete ADE ‘Time Tunnel’ Details

Inspired by the American science fiction TV show “The Time Tunnel“, created by Irwin Allen in the 60’s, Detroit Techno music producer/DJ and conceptualist Jeff Mills has created a live sound, visual and dance music event series designed to pull the dancing audience back and forth in time through a simulated visual Time Machine to explore the past, present and future of Music. “Time Tunnel” is a visual, sound and performative odyssey based on a scientific approach – as yesterday’s music is analyzed in the aim of submitting its future possibilities. ” The Time Tunnel concept is based on music ... Read more