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“Edible Sounds” Project Launches Record Made From Tortilla

DJ producer Matthew Herbert has launched a new release series called “Edible Sounds”. The records live up to their title, as in you can actually eat them. And the first food-based vinyl in the series is… a tortilla. The music on the tortilla record is laser-etched onto the surface of the popular food. “It should be playable on a normal hifi, but [is] unlikely to be delicious,” Herbert writes on Twitter. The tortilla records are been produced in a batch of twelve, and are created on commission from the Science Gallery London. Edible Sounds isn’t Herbert’s first try at unconventional musical realisation, having previously made music from “a ... Read more

Video: Man Turns Tortilla Into Record

There seems to be an endless stream of imaginative, sometimes ingenious music carrier applications. Just recently we saw this incredible looking record player, a paper midi controller, and a solar-powered speaker neatly built inside a trash bin. We can add a new one to the list, as a man who has probably watched this funny video of a tortilla spinning on a turntable, thought to himself that he could probably do a lot better in turning food into music. So he actually laser-cut a tortilla, the technology that essentially transports musical data on vinyl, and turned it into a working ... Read more