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The io808 Is A Roland 808 For Your Browser

Hours of fun right here, as Roland’s TR-808 is now available in browser version. There are a few 808 browser apps around, as we have reported here, but according to Electronic Beats this one is the “definitive browser-based version,” created by Programmer Vincent Riemer. So, what are you waiting for? Go waste some time..NOW! Oh, there’s also a 909. Find the io808 HERE  

Analogue Lego Machine Creates Driving House Beats

Much like acid, two of the world’s great inventions, house music and lego, have combined to blow your mind. A full on Lego acid music machine, dubbed Play House, is what programmer and artist Alex Allmont has made using Lego Technic to create an incredibly complex analogue kinetic sculpture that plays minimal house music. Play House is a desk-sized installation that produces sounds using complex interconnecting systems. In it, melodies are generated by a dropped basketball that ends in one out of the four slots, after colliding with various pegs down its route. The melodies are based on a sequencer that emulates a ... Read more

Free Download: Roland TR-808 Sample Pack

Here’s a treat for all you beginning producers out there that haven’t got the odd +/- 3.000 euros lying around for a Roland classic, but still want to make fat beats that sound like the real deal. The good people at Liveschool and Studios 301 got together late one night to record a Roland TR-808 drum machine through the $30,000 Fairchild 670 compressor. This happened around a year ago and the result was a collection of some of the best and qualitatively outstanding TR-808 samples out there. Although the samples were intended for the guys’ personal use, they soon decided ... Read more