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Cristian Varela Traces 25 Years Of Dance With Intimate New Documentary

A seminal member of the Spanish dance music underground, Cristian Varela celebrates 25 years of Techno with the release of a very special career spanning documentary. Below, you will find the exclusive teaser of the film, which features the likes of Carl Cox, Luciano, Joseph Capriati, Chris Liebing, and other industry titans discuss Cristian’s prolific work, attitude, and place within the wider construct of contemporary dance music. Depicting the story of a young child who’s love affair with electronic music knew no bounds, the film traces the DJs life up until this point. As an innovator, Cristian consistently has new ... Read more

Breaking News: Hipster-Proof Festival Caravan Finally Found

Always wanted to bring a convenient camper instead of those disgusting tents to your festival of choice, but were afraid of being socially annihilated when doing so? Worry no more, because here is the first hipster-proof, architecturally-acceptable trailer which actually lets you meet cool people and leave a lasting impression as somebody you’d want to be seen with.  We all know the scene: it’s been a very, very rainy day at your favourite festival and the terrain has turned into a bleak, muddy hellhole. Of course that’s all well and good while the music’s still playing, but at some point you actually need to drag ... Read more