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ADE ’16 Essentials: Thursday, October 20

The day you start appreciating and anticipating autumn, is the day you move to Amsterdam. Because as soon as the first bunch of events start filling up on the Facebook timelines, you know the best is about to come… Amsterdam Dance Event. A week of the electronic dance music family, old legends, new-comers, the outcasts (subgenres) – all coming together to showcase the state-of-art electronic dance music. It’s easy to lose track (or even head) with well over 450 events already scheduled, in around 100 clubs and venues all over Amsterdam welcoming over 2000 performers (no, really)! Thus as every ... Read more

Tresor Founder Eyes New Abandoned Factory Space For Detroit Club

Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann is getting a step closer to opening an industrial style nightspot in Detroit. Once considering the Motor City’s Fischer Body Plant No. 21, the potential of a recent partnership with Arte Express could turn sites to the abandoned Packard Plant instead. As Arte Express founder Fernando Palazuelo also owns the Packard Plant, Detroit Free Press reports. Of course such an endeavor would take quite some time to come to realization as, at this moment and pending the proposal of a 12-year freeze on the site’s current levels of property taxes is approved by the city council. ... Read more

Tresor Announces FULL Lineup For 25 Year Festival Celebration

The first ever festival hosted by Berlin institution Tresor goes down over four colossal days, 21.–24 July. With a who’s who of electronic music history, 25 Years Tresor Festival is a synthesis of the essence of a quarter century of activities for the club and label that initiated Berlin’s Techno movement. Day 1 sees live performances of Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald as Borderland, DJ Pete & Sleeparchive as TR-101, Drexciya’s own Mr. Gerald Donald as Arpanet, Chain Reaction stalwart Vainqueur and long-time Tresor affiliate Mike Dehnert, as well as Thomas Fehlmann and Gudrun Gut, Madrid’s Psyk and ambient ... Read more

New Berlin Techno Museum Reveals Location

Dimitri Hegemann, founder of infamous Berlin techno space Tresor, announced last year that he planned to open a techno museum in the German capital. Now, the location of the venture has been announced, coming in within the former Mitte power plant that has housed Tresor since 2007. Of course, Hegemann has a non traditional approach to museum curation, in fact, refusing to call the space a museum at all, Rather, he referred to the space as a “Living Archive of Electronica,” that is meant to “convey the feeling” of techno’s rise in the industrial locations and basements of Berlin. Of ... Read more

10 Best (Early) 2016 Summer Festivals

With a particularly pleasing start of the second half of Spring, there’s really no way around it anymore: the summer festival season is at our doorstep. Although the total offer of summer festivals worldwide hasn’t stopped its increase, there are only so many that can be dubbed as a quality festival. Here not only the line up, but the total package including  on site infrastructure, facilities and of course overall atmosphere come together perfectly to create an unforgettable experience. Because honestly, why wouldn’t you want your money’s worth for the ticket prices promoters ask nowadays. That’s why we set out what we think are the ... Read more

This Could Be The Most Comprehensive Gallery Of 90s Era Rave Photography, Ever

While working as in-house photographer for iconic 90s dance music magazine Frontpage, photographer Tilman Brembs was able to capture nearly a decade’s worth of parties, from Berlin to Hong Kong, Las Vegas to Tokyo. Shot on glorious 35mm, Brembs 20,000+ photograph archives of 90s era rave culture features DJs like Carl Cox, Goldie, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Armand Van Helden, and Boy George, as well as a host of the world’s first and quite possibly best dance events like Mayday, Tresor and Love Parade. Of course, the beating heart of Tilman Bends’ is his chronicling of those who made the ... Read more

Celebrate The Conflicted Legacy of Detroit With Huge New Photo Book

The end of March sees the publishing of an exciting new photography book, celebrating the history and legacy off all things Detroit. Entitled, 313ONELOVE, the 313 page book from Berlin photographer Marie Staggat includes over 170 portraits, interviews, quotes drawings, and “a string of profound stories,” from the likes of Detroit legends Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Mike Huckaby, Robert Hood, Moodymann, Stacey Hale, Luke Hess, as well as Underground Resistance, Cahrivari, and Detroit Techno Militia mainstays. With a European launch at Tresor, as well as at Detroit’s Museum of Contemprary Art in May, the book looks to document the “tools” ... Read more

Mix #184 By Eluize

Our next mix comes from Neuköln, Berlin, the current home of the Australian-born Eluize. Eluize is a moonlighter. Her night time explorations traverse house, techno, disco and acid. The Australian born DJ, producer and vocalist draws inspiration from all corners of the globe and has a passion for combining the music she uncovers and creates to shape soundtracks for all hours on the dance floor. Her recent touring schedule has found her selecting for world class venues such as Watergate & Tresor Berlin, Le Batofar Paris, Lightbox London, WIP Barcelona & Lounge Lisbon. She has an upcoming tour throughout Australasia during ... Read more

Berlin’s Nightclubs In One Handy Metro Map

Berlin’s nightlife infrastructure is one of the most diverse, and encompassing in all the world, but what about it’s transportation system? Given the number of tourists, expats, and non-German speaking visitors attracted to the capital city each and every year, many of whom thrive for entrance to the hallowed grounds of Berghain, Watergate, Tresor, and the likes, the massive, interconnected network of trains, trams and Straßes may be daunting to navigate. Below, Germany’s answer to AirBnB WIMDU has provided a rather comprehensive and, most importantly, easy to understand map of the city’s expansive U-Bahn network, only with its nightclubs and ... Read more

Electronic Music Museums To Open In Berlin And Frankfurt

Last April, news came out of plans for the first museum that specifically created to document and exhibit the history of electronic music. The project, MOMEM (Museum Of Modern Electronic Music), was announced to open in Frankfurt. Although there are now also plans by the owner of Tresor to open a similar museum in Berlin at an earlier date.  Tresor founder, Dimitri Hegermann, brought forth the news that he plans to open a museum focused on the history and development and history of electronic music, with the emphasis on techno music and its Detroit and Berlin scene, to open in the German capital, on the ... Read more

Mix #174 By Ellen Allien (Freak House Mix)

Today we have the honour to introduce a very special guest in our mixtape series. She founded and has been at the head of pivotal techno imprint BPitch Control and already was a resident in one of her city’s most acclaimed clubs, Tresor, in 1992 (age 22). And although Ellen Allien’s heart still lies in the techno scene, she has been leaning more and more frequently towards other musical styles in her sets, showing off an impeccable taste and knowledge of dance music’s history. So, for the occasion, the Berlin/Ibiza resident has laid down an extraordinary ‘Freak House Mix’ for us to enjoy.  Ellen Allien ... Read more

Mix #166 By Steve Huerta

The word “aerial” stands for existing, happening, or operating in the air. This is the sound of Steve Huerta L.A.- born, currently berlinese, producer and instrumentalist that we featured in our latest mix.  The success in 2013 for the young producer/DJ came with “Things I Didn’t Mean” on Dirt Crew Recordings. A string of releases with labels such as Amadeus Records, Retrofit, Needwant, Avotre, and Manucci’s Mistress, followed. Upon relocating in Berlin, Steve is getting regular sets at institutions like Renate, Watergate, Chalet and Tresor, Huerta. Recently he also teamed up with long time friend and collaborator Yooj for a ... Read more

Full Premiere: Paji – Opus7 (Original Mix)

Kittball favourite Paji returns to the German label once more this June for another well-crafted piece of house. Pajwan Faroch aka Paji, born 1986 in Cologne, discovered his passion for music in all its facets already in the age of 5. Since then he has learned playing different traditional instruments but alongside percussions the violin quickly became his favourite instrument. Already as a teenager he discovered his talent for combining different styles of music with each other. The fusion of different musical genres lead to the special Paji sound which is improvised, miscellaneous, individual, different.   Nowadays he creates inimitable club arrangements and ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With André Galluzzi

Few can say they have seen Berlin grow into the techno mecca it is today from behind the decks, but André Galluzzi is one of those who can, having held or currently holding residencies at the famed Tresor, Berghain, and even its predecessor Ostgut. Galluzzi’s first opportunity in DJing at a club was in his hometown of Frankfurt. While working behind the bar, one of the DJs fell ill and a slot opened up for the night. Galluzzi grabbed the bull by its horns and made it an experience that would change his life. Soon after, working for record distributor Neutron, Galluzzi ... Read more

RA’s “Real Scenes” Mini-Doc On Berlin Nightlife

Oftentimes Resident Advisor can be but praised for their video content. One of the recurring segments of recent months has been “Real Scenes”, a report/mini-documentary on a specific dance music capital. Cities that have passed through on the show are Tokyo, Detroit, Paris and Berlin. The German capital is known to many as the dance music capital – even for people that have never actually been there but did hear one of the billion stories and experiences from friends or acquaintances. Or saw videos like these. Because what you’re about to see is not only a look at the city’s ... Read more