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Caribou Tells US Conservative Rush Limbaugh To Fuck Off

Rush Limbaugh joins Donald Trump at the table of the rejected by the music world. On a recent episode of his radio show a conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, known for his sexist and misogynistic comments, stated he is “obsessed” with Caribou’s ( a.k.a. Dan Snaith) “Can’t Do Without You”, Rush said “This is my new favorite song of all time right now, folks. I’ve been grooving to it in every free moment that I have.”. Poor Rush liked the song so much he wanted to get it in regular rotation as a bumper on the show when he was greeted by an answer by the ... Read more

[VIDEO] Moby Speaks With Larry King On Dance Music, Drugs, And Trump

Veteran Producer Moby speaks with Larry King and gets candid about his struggles as an alcoholis, his longtime friendship with David Bowie, and his feelings about (of course) Donald Trump. Below are a few clips from the interview, which you can watch in full HERE On Bowie On Drugs On Los Angeles On Prince